Falling in love, Cheesymite Scrolls, Heartstopper Review & Plantasia Cookbook!

I write to you on cat-induced euphoria! Who me?! I KNOW. I've been housesitting a lovely light-filled, mid-century gem with a bush garden and this eight year old tabby named Rollo. Over the 10 days we've had together I feel like I've fallen in love lol, and I'm allergic! He's pretty special. Writing down why feels kinda silly, but we nuzzle each other's head while I'm doing my morning downward dog, he jumps onto my lap to nap while I eat breakfast, sleeps next to me while I work, purrs like a motor-mower during a chin scratch, drools when held and settles high on my chest for a hug before bed.

I feel so lucky, like I've been given a gift! Some of my happiest memories involve forming a special (circumstantial) animal relationship. A gigantic doodle at a farm stay, a donkey at a lavender farm, golden retriever Nelson (some of you might remember from past vlogs) - I guess the common denominator is that you can't force it, but have to make the most of it when it comes along. I think I'll genuinely be so sad as I drive away tomorrow. Ugh 😭

Anyway, these two weeks have felt so full. My brother is visiting from London, I've had a lot of writing to submit and not a lot of time in the kitchen. It's the time of birthdays (amongst my friends), tax return (why is it so stressful?!) and the stress of there somehow only being FOUR MONTHS until the end of the year!

My brother brought me some Justin's nut butter from his time in LA and also some Natalie Bryne stationary eee! I also wanted to include this pic of the yummy food I had at Kuu, a Japanese cafe in South Melbourne that is so good. If you're in the hood you should definitely go. They have some vegan & gluten free options.


I’m so excited to announce I’m (currently) the only Australian stockist for Pamelia Chia of Singapore Noodles (a blog started at the beginning of the pandemic which aims to keep Singapore's under-documented cuisine alive) new cookbook Plantasia. It’s a (Hetty McKinnon on steroids) vegetarian cookbook documenting vegetarian culinary techniques across Asia.

If you’re a bit jaded by cookbooks (honestly me too, I struggle to muster the impetus to cook other’s recipes these days - maybe the pandemic did that) this is genuinely one that might put a pep back in your step. The techniques are expanding my brain and it takes you through genuinely delicious ways to cook with vegetables you might not know what to do with.

Preorder for shipping in Oct/Nov time (in time for Christmas!) now via my website!

I only have a small batch of copies (in this economy :/) so don’t sleep on it.


I've been finishing a piece forFrankie Magazine (it will be in their October issue) and a feminist erotic short story (not joking hehe, it's for the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Short Story Competition which I thought I'd have a go at - because whY nOt!). The latter is a lil intersectional story of gender-fluid sexual exploration and euphoria. It's been an exercise in practising showing not telling... and I'm now just remembering all the family members on this newsletter list. Impeccable.


Some homey meals eaten recently. Seaside pasta (in this cookbook of mine), Pamelia Chia’s Kacang Pool and my fave sushi bowl.

Strawberry & Chamomile Cakes, Orange Poppyseed Cakes and little Strawberry Fruit Tarts for a fundraiser concert made recently.



Heartstopper agh! Ok I get it, it’s a super sweet, very beloved show, the diversity's great etc. etc. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so sad watching this. Then I twigged it's because while I’m queer, I don’t relate to the romance/relationship parts (!) which are happening in high school (!!) amongst quite extroverted social people. Also if I hear Nick & Charlie say hi or hug each other oNe MoRe TiME - I actually might explode!!!!!


First Eat, By Nakkiah Lui (PODCAST) | This is such an Audible podcast (in how overproduced it is), but its content was really interesting. It's about Australia's food politics, history, power and body sovereignty. I wish this was a book, and dove deeper (in a socio-cultural, historical perspective) beyond the conversational-snippets we got here. If you were fascinated by Dark Emu (controversy aside), are interested in food history and Australia's colonial beginnings then I think you'd enjoy it.

Mental Work (PODCAST) | So I've become slightly obsessed with this Australian podcast designed for newly registered clinical psychologists. So I'm obviously not the target audience, but I'm a therapy go-er, love psychology and need all the help I can get in letting my guard down in sessions. I think this helps me feel like I can trust psychologists (it's a super neuro-affirming, culturally humble, sex-positive podcast). It certainly helps demystify their job. It's also just SO interesting. Some of my fave episodes have been how to be neuro-affirming, when a client doesn't want to talk, when clients are stuck, dealing with complex clients (which my psychologist has confirmed I most definitely am (it's a non-value based label just to be clear! But *hair flick* nonetheless)... love that for me hehe) and how to talk about sex.


Today's recipe is for Vegan & Gluten-Free Cheesymite Scrolls ! This has been a super-requested recipe so I hope it hits the spot. They're not the world's best vegan/gf cheesymite scrolls (because I'm finding savoury breads made with accessible ingredients really bloody hard), but they're really bloody good. Heat up leftovers in the microwave and enjoy the throwback of peeling back the layers all the way to the gooey core!

Thank you for reading & supporting my work!

Phoebe (they/them) x