Cooking is a happy culmination of many different influences & conditions. Recipes freeze such variables in time, so that replicas are possible for others down the line. Yet no two cooks - nor their style - are the same, and what we each bring to the table in culture, context and individuality is a beautiful thing.

I haven’t always seen the value in studiously citing my references. With cooking you quickly gobble up the evidence. The lines of inspiration, adapting, borrowing and blatant copying are infamously blurry, made worse through colonialism and now the internet. Like many arenas, food blogging is constantly becoming more instantaneous and visually digestible. On one hand - the one where people want recipes now - it seems no one could give a rats-ass about your nerdy research that may or may not have gone into it. On the other , one’s breadcrumb trail of learnings tell a story. They provide precious context, and I think only help shower the recipe in all it’s deserved specialness.

This context makes recipes slower to consume, but in chewing them over, I think the flavour & experience is stronger. It becomes something that keeps us satiated, beyond filling our bellies. I’m committed to improving at this. I believe there’s only wonderful things to be gained from democratising resources, seeking food justice & a more delicious world!

Food Writing Books

In The Kitchen: Essays on Food and Life
Julie & Julia
Julie Powell
New Voices on Food: Diversity in Food Media
Lee Tran Lam (editor)
Gemma Walsh and Katie Kerr
Eating For England
Nigel Slater
Taste: My Life Through Food
Stanley Tucci
Eating With My Mouth Open
Sam Van Zweden
Midnight Chicken
Ella Risbridger
Nigel Slater
Nora Ephron
Home Cooking: a writer in the kitchen
Laurie Colwin
Omelette: food, love, chaos and other conversations
Jessie Ware

Vegan & Gluten Free Baking

My on-going series, Everything I Know About Vegan & Gluten Free Baking on YouTube delivers the gist of my findings in this area. The texts I’ve found helpful are listed below.



Erin McKenna’s Cookbooks

Erin McKenna
Babycakes Cover the Classics
Erin McKenna
Bread & Butter
Erin McKenna

Aran Goyaga’s Cookbooks

Canelle et Vanille
Aran Goyaga
Canelle et Vanille: Bakes Simple
Aran Goyaga

Other Cookbooks

Gluten Free Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day
Jeff Hertzberg & Zoë François
Baked To Perfection
Katarina Cermelj
How to Bake Anything Gluten-free
Beccy Exell
Intolerance-Friendly Kitchen
Georgia McDermott

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