Vietnamese Chicken & Mint Cabbage Salad

This is an incredibly simple and speedy salad recipe that is phenomenally refreshing on hot summer days. However, I also appreciate how well this recipe keeps (thanks to the main ingredient, being cabbage), making it i-deal(!!) for taking leftovers to school/work for lunch the next day. It's fresh, crunchy and (I think) very nostalgic. This recipe is adapted from a Nigella Lawson recipe, where I've swapped out the chicken for "chicken" pieces by the brand 'NEXT!' I found at Coles (an Australian supermarket). Use any plant-based chicken you like, or alternatively, fry up some firm, patted dry tofu and use that instead. Either way, it's hella good!!



  1. Start by finely slicing the red onion into half moons. Add to a bowl along with the lime juice, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, oil and sweet sauce. Stir to combine and break up the onions slightly. Set aside to let the dressing take the edge off the onion.
  2. Finely slice or shred the cabbage with a knife/food processor attachment. Grate the carrot and roughly chop the bunch of mint (stalks and all if you like). Add the cabbage, carrot and mint to a large bowl.
  3. Cook your vegan chicken pieces according to packet instructions, or alternatively crispy-up some tofu in a pan with a little vegetable oil.
  4. Add the chicken pieces to the cabbage bowl and pour over the dressing (onion and all). Toss to combine thoroughly and devour. Yum!

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