Vegan Butter

Wow, this feels like a moment! I'm finally sharing my recipe for impeccably creamy homemade vegan butter. I am SO proud of this one! It has a beautiful buttery taste - to an almost curious length - is legitimately spreadable (all the bonus points for *knife feel* - which is surely a thing) and melts like a dreaAm ~ not too fast, not too slow.

I have tested most recipes for vegan butter that speckle the internet and the big-name cookbooks (namely Miyoko & Erin McKenna). All were delicious, however, I knew I could make an ever creamier version with a taste that didn't simply dissolve into the carrier it was applied. And I'm pleased to say, I've achieved just that!

Do read all my notes before making it. Vegan butter sounds somewhat mysterious even when you've seen it (and tasted it) to believe it! But it's a very simple recipe once you understand the function of each ingredient and what you can use it for.

most similar to ~ Natruli butter (although stronger in flavour, slightly creamier & more spreadable). It's miles ahead of Nuttelex - which I think is the biggest reason to make it (if you live in Australia, where our vegan butter options are pitifully limited).

use ~ how you would regular butter! Spread it on toast, bake with it (although it doesn't cream exactly like normal butter, although more so than vegan margarine), sautéing and pastries (including lamination). I'm not 100% convinced this is the vegan butter recipe for buttercreams and mock creams, as I think a lighter-flavoured version would be less rich (which to me is preferable - but each to their own).

Ingredient Function



  1. Add all the ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend on high speed for a couple of minutes until smooth & creamy. The mixture will get thick, so scrape down/push the mixture down the blades to ensure an even emulsion.
  2. Using a spatula, pour/scrape the mixture into your chosen moulds/containers. It's very easy to cut up once set, so a lined loaf tin that you can then remove & slice into blocks, works well. Smooth over the top and refrigerate for a few hours until set.
  3. Store butter in the fridge when not using it. It will still be spreadable at this temperature. Use within three weeks.

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