Starch & Tofu Curry

This is a ridiculously easy curry that just tastes unbelievably delicious. While you do need a slow cooker, it's such a good investment if you live in a cool climate or have rainy drizzly winters where you just want to eat nourishing bowls of wholesome food all season long. You can buy them from op-shops for a pinch, are super reliable, and worth looking into. You can even use it as a rice cooker if you like. But enough slow-cooker fan-girling, let's talk about the curry. This isn't spicy by any means, but that doesn't mean it's not beautifully "spiced". With the different starches it's creamy and delicious - making it just a beautiful bowl of bliss that can fuel you all winter long. This is a steady regular in our household with it popping up on our menu plan weekly. So do yourself a favour and sacrifice 20 minutes after lunch to pop this all in the pot, then enjoy a delicious dinner when you are tired after a long day. It's a wonderful feeling.



  1. Place all the ingredients down to the tofu (yet not the tofu) into your slow cooked and mix until all the starches are covered in the sauce. Then add the tofu and carefully toss through.
  2. Add the water and cover with the lid. The curry will take 4 hours on high or 8 on low.
  3. To serve, boil or steam some rice and serve the curry over it with your desired garnishes. Coriander, coconut yogurt and sesame seeds work well but up to you. Lemon and chilli is also nice. Enjoy!


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