Peanut Tofu Bún Chay

There are few things I’d happily eat everyday forever (as there are too many gastronomic adventures to go on!), however I can confidently say that I would make all the exceptions for this interpretation of Bún Chay. The flavour is out of this world morish, the dish ticks every single textural box you could want, and the whole experience leaves you feeling full but simultaneously ready to go-go. It also makes for the best possible mid-ramble or on-the-go lunch.





  1. Make your dressing by adding all the Dressing ingredients to a jar, securing a lid and giving it a good shake (or stir) until the sugar has dissolved. Pop in the fridge until needed.
  2. Slice your tofu into 1cm slices and press firmly between a clean tea-towel. Chop the slices into bite-sized pieces. Add a glug of oil to a non-stick fry pan and once hot, topple in the tofu. Crisp up and brown on both sides.
  3. Meanwhile prepare all your other ingredients. Chop the veg accordingly, and cook your noodles by placing them in a bowl and covering with boiling water and soak according to packet directions. Once tender, drain and rinse with cold water, then dribble over a little toasted sesame oil and toss to combine. This will prevent them sticking together.
  4. Once the tofu is crispy, take off the heat and add the hoisin sauce to the pan. Toss to coat the tofu in the sauce and warm it through.
  5. Serve by dividing the noodles, hoisin tofu and chopped assorted veg between the plates/bowls. Spoon a couple of tablespoons of dressing over each serve (mainly on the noodles), and finish with a sprinkle of the toasted peanuts. Tuck in.
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