Salad Sandwich

Sandwiches can so be boring right?! They can be bland, floppy and taste like cardboard. I definitely felt that way about them for many years. Plus they can take so much effort to put together with all the ingredients required. I get that - so I want to make sure that when you decide to make a sandwich, A) you don't harm any animals in the process, and B) it tastes so flipping delicious that you'll exclaim - 'hey I would have made this even if it took 3 hours to put together'. Well this is the result of such a wishful desire. It tastes so ridiculously delicious I want to open a cafe just so I can share it's beauty with everyone. As well as being the best sandwich to ever have existed, it is super light, yet ridiculously satisfying thanks to the avocado and caramelised onion. If you are strictly gluten free, then use your favourite GF bread - otherwise I love a good sourdough. Just heaven. Packed full of goodness, I highly recommend you feed this one to your amazing bod.

The amounts are non-specific because I just eye-balled the ingredients, then chucked the rest into a bowl as a salad.



  1. Prepare all your ingredients, by grating, chopping and toasting your bread lightly. To create the onions, water saute them (or alternatively use oil) for 15 minutes until soft. Add the sugar and caramalise.
  2. To assemble the sandwich, start with the pesto and hummus on each slice of bread, then start stacking. Amen to that!


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