the newsletter with all the recommendations !

Hi Friday Newsletter readers, here's a bonus email full of links to creators, newsletters and recipe makers I absolutely adore!! I dig this style of email so much (love a good round up) & I hope you do too.

Since not posting on YouTube as much, I miss talking about what I'm watching! So this is me compensating for that.

Happy recommendation gleaning...


To All the Recipes I've Loved Before by Sonya Gee (lifestyle editor for ABC Everyday) consistently remains my favourite newsletter that I want to open EVERY time it pops up in my inbox (monthly). It's like an OG-internet post of all the food Sonya's been eating and cooking. She lives in Tasmania (so the seasons are quite pronounced) and is often making the latest NYT or Hetty McKinnon recipe. The "kitchen" section of my newsletters takes after this newsletter. It's also free!


I had been wanting to UP my Asian grocery knowledge & cooking game in the month of May, so Yasuko's Cooking Diaries came along at the perfect time. She's a stay-at-home mum cooking simple homestyle Japanese dinner's for her family of three (think miso soup, rice and 2-3 other dishes). She pops the quantities on the screen so you can easily replicate the dishes and swap out the meat/dairy for substitutes. My stomach is SO happy on this type of cooking and every spread I've made that's inspired by hers has been so scrummy.

Mai Toyokawa is a super sweet creator from Japan. I got hooked on their videos through their What I ate in a week video – which features plenty of homestyle cosy Japanese food. They're a homebody and introvert and provide honest reflections about living in your 20s. They use their channel to help them get out of their comfort zone (think Wes Anderson style travel vlogs) and it's a cosy treat to watch & cheer them along : )

Lindsey Rem has been my comfort creator for so long! They make LA feel like Melbourne... or the suburbs – maybe because they grew up there so are living a slightly more grounded life? Their main gig is sustainable fashion content but their vlogs are my favourite. They document what they're eating (they're gluten-free and were vegan for many years), life with their sweet dog, living with a chronic illness, recovering from SIBO, doing therapy and what they've been up to. Her personality is really unproblematic and it's just a really nice zero-anxiety time hanging out with them (10/10 video quality as well).

Ro Mitchell is a British, newly ADHD-diagnosed girlie documenting their recovery from an eating disorder (that doesn't feature so much these days) and trauma (mental health content features more so now). Their honesty makes for a seriously refreshing corner of the internet and their growth over the last couple of years is truly amazing. Their channel is a very safe space!


Bria Lemirande is probably my favourite person on the whole wide internet. As their tag line says, they're just really excited about food! It's true, I feel like Bria's enthusiasm for food is the closest I've seen to mine. She radiates pure joy, is a triplet, shows what she's cooking/enjoying, recently adopted a dog that looks like her and has really sweet fashion/home style. Her account is a total pick me up.

Aimee (@yungkombucha420) lives in New York and runs a home bakery making cakes. They're an eclectic groovy unit (and I mean that in the most loving way). I love their vlogs, they recently spent a self-funded month in LA doing pops, going to farmers markets and just enjoying trying LA life. They're very cool & I get lots of inspo from what they're eating.

Ok hehe William's videos are specific. He's an incredible cook and it's him plating up what he's made as if he's serving it to YOU, the viewer. It's a little flirty, sensual and mesmerising. I like it too because it's lacking context compared to other food accounts, which often makes me want to make the same thing.

Mads (@cripandip) lives in London and is a total foodie, lover of carbs, pickles, spicy stuff, takeaway and trying new places. I got hooked from their monthly favourite videos and their SENSE OF FASHION (incredible, I want her whole wardrobe). She's just fun to hang out with, her enthusiasm infectious!

Recipe creator recommendations...

Babytamago's account is a blooming rainbow! Fresh, vibrant, summery, sunny food that floods me with inspiration at a glance. Not my favourite style of editing, but I don't really care because I'll take two of what she's eating : )

I've learnt so much about flavour from Zenaskitchen! Their recipes boast bold global flavours that make your mouth water! As I do with most accounts that aren't vegan I just employ what I want (like the marinades!) and leave the rest. Their recipes are original, outside the box, yet always hearty.

Bettinamak is probably my favourite smaller-er food creator on TikTok! They share what they've been eating. Their food's both humble (a bowl of beans or an egg over rice) but could easily be found in any fancy-pants Melbourne cafe. I want to eat everything they share. It always looks SO nourishing and comforting.

Freshofftheraq shares delicious looking vegan recipes. I've tried a few of their noodle dishes and marinades for tofu or and they're always delicious. A fab under-rated vegan creator.

Veggie Anh shares vegan Vietnamese recipes and other Asian-inspired offerings. I have made a few of their recipes and loved every one. Their approach is simplified while still aiming for authenticity. Highly recommend!

Amy Cooks Food popped up on my radar because of their rice cooker series (making so many unbelievable meals just with a rice cooker). I love their video-style, I leave feeling inspired to cook practically and creatively.

How To Coeliac is a coeliac recommendation and community account run by a hella fun New Zealand gal who lives in London. I always love a good gluten-free recommendation (doesn't matter where in the world) and her humour is very relatable if you know about being on the receiving end of a pithy GF option.

Taras Vegan Treats is a UK-based personal chef. Her style is just so FREEEE and mega flavourful as well as texturally interesting! She has so many fun TikTok-y recipes on her page, but ones you actually want to make. I love her brain and seeing what she comes up with. Her clients are lucky ducks!!

Feel-goods to finish...

Maisie's Facts (@almostjeanius) is SUCH A WHOLESOME account!! Maisie's like 10-ish I think and reads A LOT (has a big brain) and her mum runs this account of her sharing "did you know"-style facts which are as random as they are delightful. I love absorbing surprising nuggets to pass along - you'll learn something new and smile too, highly recommend!! Also people say she reminds them of the teacher from the magic school bus, if you needed another nudge!

You've probably heard of Laura Ramoso, she's a Berlin-based comedian known for taking off her parents (German mother, Italian father). It's impressions and it's SO GOOD. Go watch her!!

JAIM is a dog-minder from NYC who lives with a small gang of permanent / semi-permanent / casual four-legged house guests (both dogs and cats). She does very endearing vlogs of her days and then at the end of the month ranks where everyone came re behaviour, moral etc. It's really sweet.. so many loveable characters!

I hope some of those recommendations brighten your days!!

I was wondering as well... I've absorbed a LOT of neurodivergent resources / books / podcasts etc. over the past years and was wondering would an Autism resources page on my website be something that's appreciated? I think it would be good to have those recommendations in one spot that I can point people to when they ask. Let me know if that would be helpful (email or DM on Instagram) : )

Until next time...

Phoebe x