favourite groceries printable ☔

I crashed this week. I was nannying all weekend (a two-nighter) while the parents had a weekend away, and while it was pretty chill in the scheme of things, after a big week prior, it drained my cup. This week I've napped a lot, tried to do the big things on my to-do list, then aborted because maybe committing to resting is the most productive move of the hour!

If I wasn't napping, Merlin napped on me <3 The left pic really shows how small he can become for a lap snooze! Haggard is the vibe in both hehe. Although she has got cute hair! I got a trim - a Shullet (Shag-Mullet) - at Delilah in Brunswick this week. It's so easy to wear, very happy!

We've reached that point in winter where the days are slowly getting longer, and the blue, clear, still days put on very *glam* sunrises & sunsets. The mornings were so cold (for us) this week. Yesterday the whole oval was crunchy under foot! We don't get snow in Melbourne - so crunchy grass and frozen bird baths are as thrilling as it gets hehe.


I persisted with gluten-free puff pastry this week, making lentil sausage rolls & 'feta' spinach rolls. Continually learning which flours are my favourite for different things, how to handle it best, how the recipes can go wrong etc. etc. Aka learning them inside-out for the microbakery.

I tried making Rum Bumbas as well as Cheesymite Scrolls (like a cheese & Vegemite scroll - very iconic in Australian bakeries).  Some things were over-cooked, others under. But mostly very successful!


I read (yes read, because half of this book is essentially the pair telling their story) Kitty & Al Tait's cookbook Breadsong this week. It was the perfect read while feeling particularly crummy (he he), because their story is as much about mental health as bread. Baking (especially sourdough) pulled Kitty out of a debilitating depression at 14 & from baking bread for neighbours, to doing pop ups, then opening a microbakery - the pair now have a shop front, where they sell out every day. It's a very emotional read. Their attitude to Kitty's illness, is really wholesome - not everyone gets a family who would respond with such warmth & compassion. Even though it's a cookbook - it's easily an instant fave read of the year!


I have another resource for you this week - a visual snap shot of my favourite vegan/gluten-free grocery items from major supermarkets. Hauls aren't really my cup of tea on YouTube, but it's nice to see what brands are people's go-tos. Download it here!

*I apologise this printable is very Aus-centric, for all the overseas readers. Hopefully you enjoy having a gawp at our range anyway!

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Phoebe & Merlin x