i got a job + freelance rejection + keeping my good mood going !

Happy Friday, I write to you feeling like April's been a lot! There's just been so much change – a shift in seasons, new writing opportunities (then endless effort gone down the metaphorical pooper), a (successful!) job interview, an ADHD assessment (will write about it next newsletter) and a virus that knocked me out good.

I'm back on my feet this week having been sick with a virus and I have a lovely circuit breaker starting today, looking after a border collie x poodle named Ruby. I haven't been around a doodle for a while. She's exceptionally gentle, I think we'll have a super chill time together.

April started getting a piece rejected from Kill Your Darlings magazine – the one I alluded to last newsletter – after they said they wanted to see it. It was the first BIG OUCHY writing rejection I've received and my god it STUNG! The amount of time I put into writing and getting feedback on it from mentors (before I submitted) was the main kicker. It's all a learning experience though, one which has taught me a lot about what I actually like to write about VS what I think I should write about.

The clocks have changed and it's been properly cold here. Lately, I've been treating the task of keeping myself in a good mood like a part time job lol. It's a little more expensive than I would like (because of exercise classes, treating myself to food out & taking excursions to unique supermarkets – see what I got from Cheaper Buy Miles above) but maybe I'll console that with the fact that I got a job! It's just for exam supervision work throughout the year (mainly in November) at a private school, but the interview experience was really empowering and I so needed that!

In other exciting news... I got into Express Media's Toolkits Fiction program this year! It's so good to be in a workshop setting again with people who have completely different writing styles to you. I know I'll learn a lot & I can't wait to see what it pushes me to write.

I hope I can continue to regularly fill my cup in May and focus on the good in the small rhythms of daily life 💜


This month's recipe is for a Pesto Veggie & Tofu Bowl with Herbed Yoghurt. It was inspired by a pic I saw on @oryancooks instagram (they make the best GF food) and it's such a gentle, comforting bowl of familiar flavours.

Also great for sensitive tummies – as it's onion & garlic free !!!


I have four cosy, autumnal recipes in Frankie Magazine no. 119, all beautifully illustrated by Melbourne illustrator/artist Hayle and Shine...

It's available at all major supermarkets, newsagents and online :)


New vlog... of a day trying new places to eat in the city and experimenting navigating busy spaces with an overly sensitive nervous system.


My delicious time in the kitchen continues !! The consistent theme being lots of flavour...

From left to right – lemongrass Vietnamese style tofu with chilli crisp, this newsletter's recipe (eaten often) and a tandoori tofu pizza.

A Greek bowl of different salads / dishes / rice / dips, tantanmen ramen and sesame noodles with veggie hand rolls.

Since Christmas I've expanded my diet to include a small amount of fish. This was marry me tagliatelle with salmon. I made Jollof rice for the first time with cabbage stew and tofu steaks and with homemade fried spring rolls (impossible mince filling a 10/10) I made a rice noodle salad!

I veganised the popular Zaatar Meatballs with Green Tahini Sauce recipe (10/10), made Veggie Anh's Tempe Orek and then another Greek-inspired spread with the best baked dill and lemon rice.

Chocolate chip, earl grey & orange hot cross buns I made for Easter, a bowl of pesto linguini with chopped tomatoes & vegan feta and some self-self froyo because that's always a good idea! This one from Gojé in Yarraville was well priced! They had unique flavours and toppings (the peanut butter and strawberry ones were my favourite).


I watched The Worse Person in the World while sick and WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FILM !! Completely recommend. I loved it from start to finish. I can't remember another film I've watched other than This Beautiful Fantastic that was such easy viewing. A little sad, but growth-filled and reflective. Even though it appears to be about romantic relationships, it's not – so don't let that put you off if (like me) that's not your thing.


The Autistic Survival Guide to Therapy by Steph Jones was a wonderful warm hug of a book! If you're autistic (or neurodivergent) and have found therapy to be a clunky process (you're not alone) but really want it to work – then I absolutely recommend this. It affirmed all the struggles I've had with therapy in the past. While seeing my current (neurotypical) therapist has it's miscommunications and bumps – this book confirmed he's absolutely a keeper!

So I'm not in the target market for Come Together: the science (and art!) of creating lasting sexual connections by Emily Nagoski, BUT they wrote the (should be compulsory) read Come As You Are – so I'm down for consuming whatever they come up with next. Sadly, reading it mainly confirmed how not in the target market I am (I'd say monogamous couples aged 30-60 are the primary audience), but the more you know! The main take away is to prioritise pleasure over desire if you want more sexual connection in your relationship. But love Emily & would totally recommend if in a long-term relationship/marriage (or want to prepare for one).

Raised By Wolves is a coming of age memoir by Australian hospitality industry commentator Jess Ho written through the lens of food, racism and the cut-throat hospo world. It's brutal and I found most of it really difficult and distressing to read. It reminded me a little bit of the novel Sweetbitter, yet this all happened!

I wanted to read a book on capitalism and how we spend our time. I considered Jenny Odell's Saving Time and Hanging Out: the radical power of killing time by Sheila Liming, opting for the latter. It's very rambly and explorative, no accident I assume considering the topic – but too snoozy for me none the less. I was wanting something more academic, but it's mostly memoir. An important topic though!

Until next time,

Phoebe x