filming for the ABC 🌐 & free *2015 vegan trauma* workbook!

First a Little Housekeeping ! the Patreon-equivalent 'Support Me' section of my website is up & working beautifully! this (more independent & direct) financial support feature replaces the role of Patreon, as their design is a little limiting & they swallow a hunk of people’s pledge (booo!).

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This week was full of YES-energy & I'm very grateful for the opportunities (social & work) & to be earning that dosh ~ but my-god my bod's feeling the consequences 😢. It blows when you can't do everything you want to, or live at the pace maybe your able-body remembers. Or the big kicker, you can't fully enjoy the wonderful things when they do come along, because you're too physically & emotionally exhausted to feel any excitement.

Sorry to start on such a downer! Changing tune ~ this week got more & more unexpected as it went along, in that I ended up filming something for ABC Everyday's social media pages. Feeling chuffed, as the food section of which has been dominated by Hetty McKinnon & Mary Grace (the adult Pippy Longstockings-looking sourdough queen, who rose to fame during our lockdowns). My video will probably be incredibly cringy & not at all to the fore-mentioned standard, but it's a start & hopefully since working with one of their producers I can pitch more vegan/gf content their way down the line, that (topic wise) is even more me!

Of course I will talk about it if/when it goes up. I'm pretty certain it will, but then I guess this week has been such a blur - full of so many back & forths - I won't believe it until I see it!


Some Blueberry Lime Fairy Cakes for a birthday commission. Look at those colours <3

Much of this action for the afformentioned video I filmed.

I didn't make much else in the kitchen this week - but I did become a Chilli Oil girl. I had it over dumplings at a resturant on the weekend & then a friend had made. Their. Own (!) and gifted me a jar! I am the biggest white-girl baby when it comes to mouth-numbing heat, but this is so do-able! I think because it's fragrant as well as hot. Idk, big fan & we love a condiment.


No fresh reads either, but I did purchase Kitty & Al Tait's book Breadsong when I saw it. Yes it's all gluten-containing, but 2/3 of it is their story, and I hope to learn a thing or two from their journey & baking knowledge.


I made another printable this week ~ The (slightly satirical) Vegan Therapy Handbook! I've had a few conversations with friends about what the vegan-scene looked like around 2015 (the whole 2010s really), how *interesting*/*toxic* and plain bizarre it was in certain nooks, and how it's changed now. How odd it was living through that time as a young person.

The workbook is about processing living through (& being influenced by) that time and fostering a healthier (& more you) attitude to *veganism.* Critical thinking, nuance & intersectionality weren't apart of the discussion (sometimes actively rejected) for a while there and I think we need to acknowledge that within ourselves.

So it's not that satirical, but maybe not the "vegan workbook" you had imagined.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Phoebe (& Merlin) x