Cheesy Kimchi, Tofu & Carrot Rice

I've been eating this on repeat for weeks! It's become my go-to cosy meal when I have a small portion of leftover rice. It takes 10 minutes to put together, feels light while also warming and cosy. It's the perfect entry level meal involving kimchi. Know that kimchi tastes even "better" (less intense anyway) when heated through and served with cheese – this dish does both!

PSA – the Korean red pepper flakes are not crucial. But definitely pair the finished dish with something warming (like a drizzle of chilli crisp) as it needs some sort of kick to accentuate the mellower notes.


To Serve: sliced spring onion, toasted sesame seeds, Korean red pepper flakes & chilli crisp


  1. In a small-medium frypan, heat a wee drizzle of sesame oil. Add the julienned carrot and sauté for a minute..
  2. Add the tofu cubes and stir occasionally for 2 minutes until the tofu heats through and starts to become golden on a few sides (you're not aiming for fully golden cubes, they will still be mostly white).
  3. Turn the heat up and add the kimchi, stirring through the mixture for another minute.
  4. Add the rice, stir to incorporate then add a small splash of water and cover the pan with a lid. Leave for 30 seconds then remove the lid and stir everything together. Add another small splash of water, then sprinkle the top with grated cheese and return the lid for 30 seconds or until the steam has melted the cheese.
  5. Take the pan off the heat and sprinkle with sliced spring onion, toasted sesame seeds, Korean red pepper flakes and a drizzle of chilli crisp.
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