Indian Spiced Tofu Scramble

I'm so surprised that I haven't included a tofu scramble recipe on here yet, considering that I visit this fabulous creation on a regular basis. While the regular "continental tofu scramble" does the job, I find one with some Indian-Esque spices can take it to an even more appealing level. Obviously, it's not exactly like eggs, because A) that would be a freaky resemblance, and B) eggs are one of the first things you tend to find repulsive in smell and taste when taking that vegan train. So this dish is it's own thing, and all the better for it. You only really need the tofu on hand and you can take it in any direction you please when you really want a belly-filling meal, that keeps you full until lunch, dinner or the new day ... whatever. I'd encourage the optional add-ins as they truly take it to another level. All about that balance of flavours peeps. Enjoy!!



  1. Take a large fry pan and add a dribble of water. Place on high heat and add the onion, cauliflower, mushrooms and capsicum to it, sauteing until just soft.
  2. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine the tofu with the spices, garlic, spinach, peas and seasoning. Use your hands to evenly distribute the seasonings and ensure the tofu mixture obtains a yellow hue throughout.
  3. Once the veggies are soft, add the tofu mixture to the pan. Occasionally stir to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pan, and continue to "crisp up" the bottom of the tofu slightly. If you don't mind the use of oil, add a dribble of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil at this point, to assist this process.
  4. At this point, put your bread in the toaster to crisp up if you so desire. Continue to "scramble" the tofu in the pan every now and then for 4-6 minutes, or until the peas are cooked, and the spinach wilted.
  5. Serve on toast, and garnish with the herbs of your choosing, plus any lime juice, avocado slices and sesame seeds that you have on hand. Delicious!


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