Curried Tofu Egg Sandwich

There's this resturant in Canberra that I go to (multiple times) when up there called 'Sweet Bones Bakery' and it's possibly my favourite cafe ever. The vibe, food, location, layout, the people, everything is pretty marvellous and I struggle not to order this one particular thing (that might not sound all that amazing) every single time I'm there (because it's SO DANG GOOD!!). It's an 'Eggless Egg Sandwich' like this one and holy moly it's so delicoius!! Egg-like, but 10 times more delicious in my opinion. I'm a big fan. I finally recreated it at home which was easier than I anticipated to do while i totally get it's just a sandwich filling - I so hope you try it and share my excitment in it's amazingness!! Also don't stress about the amounts and everything, it's throughly forgiving and will taste amazing anywhich way you do it :))



  1. Grab yourself a medium bowl and crumble up the tofu with your fingers until mooshed and "smashed-egg" consistency.
  2. Add all the other ingredients (except the 'to serve' ones of course) and mix until super smooth. Taste and adjust if necessary
  3. Assemble your sandwhich (or use how you wish) and devour honeybunches!! It's super scrumptious :))
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