Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

Well, these came out of nowhere!! And how happy I was when they did. All my best recipes originate like that and I hadn't had one of those moments in a while so I was over the moon when these little buggers came into the world from my brain and ended up absolutely perfect. Utter bliss (no pun intended)!! Since creating this recipe I have far too easily gobbled up a few too many of these then I'd care to admit. They seriously are spectacular, and very VERY moreish. While the ingredients might be a bit newer to you than usual, I have offered substitutions. I recommend, purchasing the whole hog of ingredients for this recipe if you can though, it's just unbelievably whole and complete with every one of its goodness of ingredients in it. I hope you give them ago - your world will be benefited by them!



  1. In a food processor, combine all the ingredients minus the chocolate chips until a cookie dough consistency forms.
  2. Take out the blade and sprinkle in the chocolate chips. Then if you can, knead them into the dough a little with your hand.
  3. Wash your hands and set up a container next to you. Roll a heaped tbsp into a ball, sticking the choc chips into the ball if they fall out. Repeat until the mixture is used up.
  4. Seal the container with an air-tight lid and refrigerate for 2 hours before devouring. Keep in the fridge and don't worry about them going off. Their delicious nature combined with their long shelf life means you'll hardly result in a predicament.


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