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Hearty Vegan Sausage & Feta Pasta // GF + Oil Free + RSF

31 / 08 / 2017

I've been on a real run of veganising old classics lately, and it has been a tremendous success. Not only in my taste-bud judgment department, but also in the number of "mmms" and "this is good" type of comments that have been coming my way. This recipe is no exception, and I know that you are going to absolutely love it, as it was an old classic that we used to have, yet with the less plantiful chorizo and feta ingredients in it instead. Two things that are hella easy to swap with vegan versions - feed this to your omni friends, and they'll be chowing down this super hearty and mega delicious, saucy, salty-sweet, juicy, veggiful pasta dish like there's no tomorrow.

Serves 2-4



  1. First make your vegan feta, by combining the last seven ingredients in a medium container (something with a lid). GIve it a giggle and place in the fridge for 30mins, or until needed (for best flavour let sit overnight) - but still good with minimal fridge time.
  2. Grab a large saucepan or non-stick pot and cook your vegan sausages until tender, and caramelised on the outside. Remove from the pan and slice them into thick chunks before setting them aside.
  3. Add a splash of water to the pot/pan and saute your onion, capsicum and mushrooms on medium heat until soft and looking full of sausagey flavour.
  4. At this point, you want to boil your kettle and get your pasta on the stove to cook according to packet directions. But back to your sauce, add the herbs, passata and tinned tomatoes. Give it a stir and turn the heat to low-medium, before dumping in your spinach and covering the pot, to let the flavours meld and the spinach to wilt.
  5. Once the pasta is cooked, add a splash of the cooking water to your pasta sauce, before draining the noodles and adding to the sauce. Stir to combine, then add the sausage chunks and half of the vegan feta pieces you prepared. Gently stir to combine, and serve with tbsps and tbsps of the vegan parmesan. YUM!! You're going to love it <3