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Your Own Productivity

23 / 05 / 2016

We're all different, unique and special right? Yeah, yeah - blah di blah di blah. But then why is there always the constant comparing and judging that goes on, even amongst the most generous of circles. We're hardly ever content with our own accomplishments and identity, there is always some jealously, individuals carry around whether we intend to or not. I think it goes back to not being in the present as much as we could be, as well as the over-stimulation that occurs in this advertisement filled universe, leaving us with the impression that we should have this and that, right now.

But let's talk about productivity for a moment. In this life, there are many, MANY highly productive people achieving a million things each day. Casey Niestat for example, as well as Dr. Michael Greger and many other entrepreneurs of this world. Perhaps running on less sleep than they should, each of them has their hands dipped into multiple companies and projects, seeming to juggle everything in a perfect balance from the outside, whether or not the inside reality is just so. It's these types of people that often cause us to reflect back on our own days and what they are filled with, what is achieved in their contents, that make us believe we are not living our lives fully. It appears that our "full potential" is beyond our reach, and has always been so, as we've never really lived so on the go - achieving a billion things in a short amount of time. Through this, thoughts of inadequacy begin to fill our brain, when the truth is we are entirely missing the point.

Sure there are people in our society that achieve a bunch more in their present time then you might in your daily routine, but that doesn't mean you can't look up to them as a source of inspiration and admiration. Chances are there was a time in your life when you were just as busy, achieving more than you realised. But just as that phase didn't last for an eternity, these chapters in other people's lives won't last forever either. Just because your two life stages aren't in sync, does not mean for a minute that you are inadequate or a failure, just at different points.

While the internet is pretty rad on the connection-ability-scale, it does make this universe a community - meaning everything appears smaller than it really is. You can know the lifestyle of another on the other side of the world and what they do from dawn 'till dusk. While this is great, it does mean that we have all these rich lifestyles at the tips of our fingers, ready to witness and absorb.

Sure, be inspired by what you see and hear, but don't devalue what you already have when something catches your eye purely due to its new-attractiveness.