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Your happy list

12 / 02 / 2016

I'm all about knowing your body inside and out, as well as your mind and your thought processes. It's important that not only we feed it what feels good, but also help it with routines, friendships and experiences that bring joy to our soul. If you are like me (or just a human being in general), then you have periods in your life, where everything runs pretty, you're inspired and excited about life. Then there are other times, when you feel like the world is whizzing past and you are unable to even lift one foot in front of the other. You are in a frump and you're struggling to get out of it. I can usually sense a frump coming on, and often I am too uninspired to do anything about it (I know, the problem feeding the problem). However, coming out of my most recent frump (for lack of a better word), I've had enough. They waste too much time and I know that I have the power to snap out of it, I just need to do that quicker each time. I am not saying that we should ignore our feelings and emotions, that's not the point at all. But it is rather acting as a best friend would and help ourselves out when we need too.

So that's where the idea of a happy list came to my mind. A list of things that have returned you to the land of bliss in the past, and successfully will work to crush the frump in the present. While they might not all work every time. If you have a variety you can simply move to the next and keep persisting. These things are meant to be pretty 'easy' and not daunting at all, so whilst it might make you happy, jumping out of a plane may not be the kind of thing I am referring too. When you are in a frump, you feel like the smallest thing is a hurdle. For example I have once felt like picking up a book and reading is the most intimidating thing, when in reality I love reading and don't find it daunting at all. So whilst I hear you saying 'so it has to be easier then reading a book', in a somewhat pessimistic voice, I don't mean that at all. You have to decide for yourself and that's where the key to it all comes in. That is, starting. You have to have 20 seconds of courage to just start one of the things on your happy list, and you'll soon see that the rest falls into place. So in a sense the first thing on your list should be 'have the courage to try something on this list, and remove your frumpy phase'.

So here is my happy list to give you some ideas. Note that no two lists should be the same, and tapping into your own being is key. Listen to your bod and realise what works when it does and build it up from there.

Some are small, some a bigger - but they all make me feel good, and generally help to build the blocks of good health again after some down days. Now go write yours and keep it on stand by :)