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You only have to worry about your own bad-ass self

28 / 01 / 2016

Humans love to worry. We're social creatures that feed off gossip and information about those around us, which can then lead them to being constantly worried about one another, and using this anxiety to dictate their life. I see this in grandparents a lot. When they realise that A, B and C are potential problems for their children or grandchildren, then they spend all their time talking about it to more family, friends and neighbors. It's almost like it becomes a full-time job. It clouds out the rest of their agenda and it can appear that that's all they seem to do.

I'm a big believer in hobbies and finding things that you like to do and only you. We seem to have a whole pool of these when we're young, but as we age these slowly die off and we're left with maybe only our 'job' to fulfill the role of hobby, work, philanthropic deeds and entertainment. It's a poor substitute for happiness and ultimately one that doesn't work. When you don't have any of these hobbies you end up turning to cheap entertainment. Television, playing games on your phone, watching sport all day long, and tinkering around with no real purpose. Gossip can begin to creep in, and the lives of others take over from the one you've been given.

This phenomenon really kind of gets on my nerves. I totally understand that mothers have to look after their children and grandmothers have a right to be concerned, but when it fills their mind for every waking moment - it's just too much. How are you contributing any positive energy to this world by worrying. Sorry to brake it to you, but you need to get a life. Or get your life back to be more specific. Focus on YOU. What use are you support-wise and influence-wise if you are spending your days worrying. Last time I checked that led to premature ageing and a whole list of other things.

We need to dismantle the stigma surrounding spending quality time with yourself, by yourself. Doing what feeds you energy, rather than feeding off the stress of others. If we do that, we'll be one heck of a bad-ass race that's here to stay.