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You can't do everything

21 / 01 / 2016

Since having a lot of free time lately (nearly 90%), I have been able to freely do all the things that I wished I could have done in school. The list is long and actually somewhat overwhelming. It's becoming a simple fact, that even for positive things, there can merely be too much of them. In reality we only have so many hours in a day, and so much energy to expel before our sanity is lost. If we want to do every single thing we desire to do, would we be happier then doing a bit of a 'pick and mix' from day to day? Or is the constant pressure on ourselves to 'get it right' the way forward.

Personally I have tried the latter, and with pretty constant results have realised that there is no 'perfect day'. Just like a perfect day of eating - it simply doesn't exist. You get different nutrients form different days and everything balances itself out over time. So I have to heed this notion and simply do some of what I enjoy everyday, rather then all.

One also has to remember that while it's nice to romanticise about the perfect day in our minds, if the contents of it have not even been attempted (e.g getting up early, or going to a yoga class), then why do our high expectations drive us crazy beating ourselves up about not doing it.

Now that I'm realising this recipe for disappointment, I try to incorporate something new that I have always wanted to do into each day, as well as enjoying the pre-established routines. It's like when you get lost wishing you were friends with all these people you look up too, rather than appreciate those you already have. There is no harm in maybe going to vegan meet-ups and contacting those who have similar passions and interests, this will keep things moving and life changing. However your current friends also give you happiness, laughter and support which is not necessarily going to come from all these new friends straight away.

It's about patience with oneself and living in the present. I find if I am too busy for my liking, then I really do struggle to appreciate the present moment. I am constantly thinking of all the things that could go wrong, and worrying about them. I really do need to be pulled into the present sometimes, I think it's something I have always needed to work on, and I plan to continue to do so.

I've purchased 'The Power of Now' and am looking forward to diving into it's pages and learning more about how I can appreciate the present. The whole book thing is a good example really. I have a long reading list of all these health related vegan books that I bought, that are now sitting on my bookshelf. I want to read and absorb everything inside their pages, yet I have to be patient and go one (or two books) at a time. It's almost like I'm not allowing myself to enjoy the process because I'm anxious about the end result. ERHG! Gee high expectations can be a pain in the butt.

I can't do everything, yet I can do many things and that should be, and is enough :)