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Wrinkle Worries

01 / 03 / 2016

I become aware of the many things that apparently matter, very late growing up. I was a very 'out of it' child in many respects and very 'clued in', in others. I was on the ball but not in societies standards on appearances or social customs. My first awakening in this regard, was when my best friend in junior school (at the time), grabbed my thumb and showed it to her mum proclaiming how far up my cuticle went up my nail. Seeming surprised that it existed at all.

I was not only confused at this introduction into the world of self-upkeep, but thoroughly pissed off, and so I should have been. I hold no prejudices for this way of thinking from those around me at such a young age, because the reality is that it is everywhere. There are certain expectations and guidelines in all corners of this crazy community of a world, and being nocked out of an innocent void that keeps you only fretting the small stuff if quite a change.

From here on in, it was being awakened to the shaving phenomenon, the 'please cover up your pre-teen zits' phase, and the 'please wear your hair on top of your head in a bun or high pony' request from society. In these cases I often resisted initially, then came onto the train late and reluctantly stayed there. It is interesting to think how different I would be if I was home schooled and didn't have the same pressures from society slammed right in my face. How would I dress now, and carry myself. Hmm...food for thought.

But we're not here for food. My main point here was that it was only a couple of months ago that I was awakened to how lines around one's eye, are seen as a sign of ageing. Now I totally get that sagging ripples are a sign of ageing, but for heavens sake - those that appear when you smile, are only a GOOD thing. Not one part of me sees how they are a negative. I have many a-lines around my eyes when I smile and I love them to bits. They add a puffy fun-ness. Seriously what's not to like.

Now I admit I've never heard these "youth-lines" talked about in a "serious" negative tone, yet ridiculously often in a playful yet definite voice on social media and the like. Implicating it as a problem and making more and more teenagers self-conscious about yet another thing going on in their bods.

Let's just live for a bit, shall we? And leave that all behind.