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Why The Silence On 'Big' Topics?

14 / 03 / 2016

I just finished watching a video by Antastesia which talked about the migrant crisis in Europe and how the treatment of refugees needs to be improved through individuals voicing their opinions and growing the discussion. I love Emmy's videos, they are always very well balanced and thought through (even though she often does them on the fly), and are the kind of thing that restore your faith in humanity when there are people like Trump who are gaining a ridiculously scary following. Emmy called for individuals on YouTube with large followings to talk about this and not continue as if the world were a happy pancake. While content about morning routines is all well and good, it doesn't make the world a better place on a large scale, which is what clearly needs to happen.

It got me thinking (clearly because I am writing this, yeah no duh), on how come society really doesn't speak up about these things when behind closed doors, in private conversations to family and friends, we are concerned, and are wanting change. Why do we not move from level one to six, or attend public events and protests that show we care. Trying to understand this from my own position that I'm currently in, I came to one conclusion. That, BECAUSE barely anyone talks about these things (apart from designated and elected individuals), it becomes hard for just about anyone to speak out for fear of not getting it right. Think about it, there are SOO many vegan food Instagram accounts out there (simplistic example I know), it's beyond easy for one to start their own because there are so many that can be used for inspiration. When I started posting about food the only audience was school friends. I was hesitant to include some information about veganism because that was not something talked about amongst them at all. Yet when I realised that I was not wanting to do something that was from another planet, and that actually it was quite common in the microcosm of the vegan community, then I proceeded with full force.

While this example is a little far-flung, I'm just emphasising that it boils down to not many people talking about the big issues in the 'content creating world', because it's not what has been done before and what has worked.

Or more specifically, what has generated views.

Anything different these days is resistant amongst most. If it doesn't fit in with what the audience 'signed-up for' (even though it's totally optional to follow or subscribe) when there is a drop in numbers following.

Let's live our own lives, voicing what we genuinely want to voice. The chances are that if you are feeling strongly about something, then that energy has been buzzing for sometime, and many others will feel the same.