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What's in the works?

02 / 11 / 2016

Hey ho hun-buns!! Some of you might be wondering if I'm still around. Still hustling, working to maintain this space? Well, I sure am, yet in a different way. I've decided to "up" my production quality, and for a little while there I wasn't too sure how I would go about it. Then I thought about taking a little break to recharge my inspiration batteries. As it so happens, I think my inspiration power-pack is synonymous with my motivation and enthusiasm stores. It wasn't really until I stopped and allowed for my ideas to come naturally (and my-my did they) that I felt recharged and excited about the next chapter.

So what exactly is in the works that is worth all this waiting about? Well I've got (as mentioned previously) a GAP year e-book coming out in a giffy, as well as the November issue of the HBOT journal shortly behind that. Then in terms of videos on the channel, I'm putting out a series. Curious? Well the first series, comprising of 8-12 recipe videos is just a collection of brand spanking new whole food plant-based recipes that are made out of pretty common ingredients and are utterly delicious. Perfect for your inspired-creative cookery moments in the holiday season coming up. After that I'm thinking I'll put together a comfort food/junk food vegan series, because that generally gets people excited. After that? who knows, probably more series when I have a chunk of time/inspiration/recipes I want to share.

What's the advantage of putting together a series as opposed to my routine 3 videos a week? Well I've had a feeling for a while now that I've been placing too much emphasis on quantity over quality. Whether you've felt this or not I don't know, and by no means should you have. We all have lives to lead. But as a creative challenge I want to take a step back, re-boot then hit the ground running with the quality bumped up and quantity still going strong. Yet through this way of getting a head a bit, rather then always pushing out ideas on the fly, I think I can be a little bit more in control whilst ensuring genuine exciting content comes its way frequently and in a complete exciting package.

The style is going to be different, and I'm pumped about that too!! I'm definitely not one to be able to find one groove and be able to stick with it for a lifetime. Sure, for a while I van manage that - but there's still so much more I want to try, experiment with and achieve. Do I sound ridiculous, getting all pumped up over the style of some recipe videos? Well, who cares - it makes me tick.

There is some small practical reasoning behind the series approach, and that is I think with so many recipes out there, and an ample amount of them on YouTube, anyone’s can get a little lost. Plus, lets face it, recipes aren't the most "click-bait" worthy content. But if people find one recipe and then the same style popping up here and there, then they might come to trust the source and therefore get excited about it and use it to introduce more veggie recipes into their lifestyles. And that's really the only other reason I make this content, apart from the major component that is doing it for myself (my own enjoyment, creative challenge ya-da-ya-da-ya), when people make my recipes it suddenly seems quite real. Through this content, I've made people choose plants over something else for that portion of their day, and that's my win. Furthermore, if they like it, then I've made them smile, which makes me smile too.

Hope some of that made sense.