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What recipe are you following?

01 / 02 / 2016

For my whole life until recently, I have been a recipe follower, both figuratively and literally. I would keep, cut out, pin and screenshot recipes on Instagram, blogs and cookbooks. I always have REALLY liked the idea of writing my own cookbook one day, yet the truth was that I was not a free spirited cook by any means, just a keen baker of sorts that followed recipes to a T. I was often scared to deviate from that norm because it meant possibly stuffing up and wasting some expensive ingredients, or feeding my family a 'failed' dish. So I stuck to the safe option and everything was often 'moderately tasty'.

Then there was school, and the educational system that I was following to a T too (are you following all these t's). I always did my homework and handed assignments in on time, and listened attentively in class. I didn't challenge the system in anyway, just went along with it, and followed the recipe.

Now, I'm not quite following the recipe. School has come to an end and I'm just doing my own thing. I know I keep saying this and taking a gap year isn't really that 'out of the ball park', but the community of people that I am usually surrounded by, often think it is, and that's okay. But my point is that while I have let my gut rule for a mini, I'm also not following recipes. Okay permission to laugh at the randomness of this post, but I'm just saying there is so much more freedom there and less of a fear of failure. Suddenly my perspective on everything I do has widened and all the tools for creating meals, 'recipe free' have fallen into place. There is so much more room to experiment and that's pretty darn awesome.

In society you have a whole bunch (aka the majority) of people being recipe followers. You only have to realise how many people dress in corporate gear and trudge off to work everyday in a skyscraper to realise that. Along with this decided 'path' that many people end up taking, you have endless steps to follow and instructions that seem to dictate one's actions. We buy meal plans, exercise calendars, decluttering advice and recipe books and magazines by the dozen. There is so much material to tell us what to do out there that I often wonder if there is room to let our own creativity and intuition dictate. Right about now I realise that I have a vegan recipe channel that involves links to my own recipes with step-by-step methods to follow. But I hope that I give the impression that there is room to move, room for exploration and freedom within the recipes, because that's what I truly believe in. While it's inevitable that people will not only generate content for people to follow and for flocks of people to do just that, I think we just need to remember to be objective and always look at these words of wisdom from a zoomed out perspective. Take what we like and leave what we don't.

We're not all minions who have to take the words of someone that has happy photos of themselves on the internet. Let your own recipes dictate your path and what's on your plate, ox.