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What are your expectations?

30 / 01 / 2016

Happiness and our level of fulfillment out of the everyday is based on our perceptions and expectations of events right? Everything we go through from sunrise to sunset, day in, day out is based on how we choose to react from it. While some things make us genuinely happy, and others genuinely sad, the in-between stuff that occurs all the time, has the potential to shoot us to the stars and place us on cloud 9.

With this whole, getting used to managing my own time routine - I've realised that one very simple thing relies on any old day being 'enough', and that is to have zero expectations about what it will bring. This way you have a clean slate and it's totally up to the individual (aka me) to make it hella awesome. I don't waste my time, wallowing in it's lack of interest and instead I just make it so myself. I am more aware of what I need in response to certain feelings (like a long walk if I've just edited a video) and hence can act accordingly. It's a much more sensitive way of living. I think I'm definitely becoming more in tune with myself, and realising this whole life-thing is just one crazy 'once in a lifetime' opportunity'.

If you are constantly expecting things to be good, or at least better, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed and frustrated. You end up making the world be your servant, yet since it never handed in it's resume for that task, you are going to be disappointed. You are asking society to serve you, when really you have to serve yourself in order to ignite happiness.

When I go to the cinema to see are movie, I've usually been wanting to see it for quite sometime, so I know the story line and actresses ect. While I am usually ridiculously looking forward to seeing such films, I know that this has to be paired with either 'no' or 'low' expectations in order to enjoy myself. This allows me to LOVE most movies for different reasons. As I watch it, I'm searching for reasons for it to resonate with me - rather than demanding anything from it. It's the perfect way to ensure that anything is worth while, that you enjoy it and that you live a pretty rad, crazy and exciting life.