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Vegan parallels: ROOM

08 / 02 / 2016

I have been seeing so many more 'Oscar-buzz' films then usual this year. So many of them appeal to me, and many others I just have been fortunate enough to be in a position to see something which I have NOT regretted. In the past, the scenario has been that I maybe see one, and tell myself that I'll watch the other four that I am interested in at a later date - yet I usually never get around to it, nor get as excited about it when it's on a miniature screen. The vibe is never quite right.

Anyhow I digress. I recently saw 'Room' and oh my goody-goodness was that an incredible film. Just phenomenal! The performances of Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay were out of this world and it totally carried you through the emotional roller coaster that they were experiencing. But critics aside, the more I thought about the film (as I do after anything I watch), the more it became really clear that this environment that Jack and Ma are placed in, is not so different from a dairy cow, or a hen. If you are a vegan newbie you could be rolling your eyes here. 'Here we go..' you might be thinking. That's totally cool, but hear me out.

In 'Room', Ma and Jack are trapped in a small shed since the Mum, Joy, was tricked into helping 'Old Nick' with his non-existent dog. Dairy cows (just to take one of the myriad of exploited animals to which this scenario applies) are placed in their milking station with no ability to resist. They are tricked into a life of enslavement, without the ability to stop it. Ma has been in that shed for seven years. The average life of a dairy cow is 5-7 years, before being sent to slaughter. Ma lives with health issues, such as a sore wrist and teeth problems which are never attended too by her capture. The health of dairy cows is also poor, with their udders often bleeding and oozing pus from the harsh suction placed on their udders. And finally, Joy is raped on a frequent bases by Old Nick who has no slither of humanity in his filthy mindset. Dairy cows are artificially inseminated repeatedly in order to continue their supply of milk to generate monetary profit.

It's a sad realisation, and in 'Room' THANK GOODNESS they escape so I realise the scenario is not the same. Also if it were, then Ma would have had her boy taken away from her. But their connection and how she lives for him is just a reminder of how strong a mothers love is, and how such separation is so detrimental to the individuals involved.

If you haven't seen the film, I highly recommend it. What I've given you is a rather bleak slice of it's offerings, but it's not an entirely depressing or violent film. In the end you are left with an incredible message about the human capacity to love and adapt. As well as with a slice of 'how ridiculous the world is'. If you are really struggling to get there, seriously just go for the performances if for nothing else. Jacob Tremblay should win 'Best Actor' if it was up to me. However it's not and he's not even nominated for an Oscar :( - anyhoos, it will make you cry, laugh, be furious and make your heart melt. Just see it okay :)