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I Guess I'm an Adult Now

13 / 08 / 2016

Well, don't get too carried away thinking up ideas as to what I'm alluding to in regards to the title. I'm simply just hinting how I have a very adult commitment to carry out soon, whether I feel qualified for it or not.

It's Jury duty. Yay.

Initially (like perhaps you at this moment), I was excited for what it would entail. Thinking hey cool - I'm totally interested in that sort of thing. From an outsiders perspective I mean, I would never want to study law I don't think. Just that I distinctly remember really enjoying sitting in on a court setting during (funny how that word sounds a lot like Jurying) a year nine excursion. Even though the whole time I felt like I was the next to be in trouble, it was really fascinating. Especially because this one wigged and cloaked person at the front of the room was representing "just" and everyone else ultimately had to listen and obey his instructions. There was no Jury there. It was just a man in a cloak.

Anyway, that gets me onto the next reaction. Egh - why!! I only became eligible about nine months ago, and only 60,000 people get called up for it each year. I've never had much success at winning raffles or anything, but hey - put my name in some government spin the barrel and guess who gets picked. I then thought well I do feel quite young and inexperienced for this role, I mean I'm practically a kid. So perhaps I should wear two braids, a Peter Pan collar and Sunday school shoes - even though I only could really manage the braids. But maybe the defendant's lawyer can say "no thank you" to a 12-year-old look-a-like.

Anyway, now I've come to terms with it I think. I'm ready to go in there and treat it as a cool learning experience. I'm eager to see lawyers doing their thing, and people actually having to give evidence and character witnesses....if it comes to that. There is still a decent chance that it won't - and I won't be picked at all, so we'll see if it actually does eventuate. But I think I've done enough too-ing and fro-ing with the concept, to be happy either way. I mean it's only 10am till 4pm each day. Aka - not the end of the world. And most importantly, it could have happened at a far more inconvenient life stage that still doesn't count for being excusable.

So that's my adult-y business at the moment. Should be interesting.