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The Ultimate; Whole Foods

15 / 02 / 2016

No I'm not talking about the store. I've never been, and I'm not sure if it is wise for my wallet to do so. I'm referring to nature's offerings in the form of fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. The thing is, I feel best when I eat a heck load of veggies as well as carbs. Don't get me wrong I always load on up of the potatoes, rice and beans, but I have found that the more green juice I drink and spinach I gobble down, the happier my digestive system is, and the brighter my skin glows. I'm also no shy away from some vegan cheese and a smidgen of oil every now and then, whatever it is to keep food interesting, delicious and stress free. I've been down the stress path and it really just doesn't work out. You spend too much time panicking about situations that might not go too well, or opportunities where you will be put in an awkward position re the food on offer. So I am very happy settled on a label free vegan title. Now I totally get that 'vegan' is a title, and a very 'restrictive' one for some of the population, but once you read into the benefits of veganism for the environment, your health and obviously the animals, then it just becomes the norm. It's the vegan sub-groups that I am talking about that can play on your mind all too often.

However, no matter how much I enjoy some vegan brownies and pizza, I always know that I'll feel my best when I resort to whole foods. That is snacking on celery and capsicum over crackers and toast. It's the power of this knowledge and knowing my own body that is what leads to a beautiful harmony and balance.

In terms of getting your palette on the right track, I'll offer some brief advice here.

I hope you are inspired to eat from the earth and fill yourself with the good stuff, that will leave you feeling on top of the world and with a positive mindset and outlook.