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The Only Thing We Want

20 / 08 / 2016

This is hardly an original concept I am about to bring up. Chances are you have already heard of it - because if you are one of the 5 million (I think) people who following Casey Niestat on YouTube, then you will be all over it. Or perhaps not - either way, I think it's worth talking about in this little space because perhaps what seems obvious in today's society, all too often - really isn't.

I'm talking about how when one sifts through the crazy consumerist society that we've built up, there is really only one thing we want. No, it's not a MacBook Air or a Canon 80D - although they are pretty wicked creative tools to have, it's just time. We all, deep down, just want more time. Or at least when we are in a good headspace and seem to be relatively healthy, that's what we want, should want. More time to get the hustle done, travel to more places, create more things, complete more projects and have more long conversations and long pauses. I used to think that days went rather slowly - that you could just do SO MUCH within them. While I still think that now - I also am just baffled at how fast a day can go without you even noticing. When you insert your framework of going through the motions and then try to stuff everything into it on top of that, that you want to - it just goes, and boy can it go pretty fast. So at least for creative types, that's the one thing we want more off. That doesn't mean that sometimes we want the time to go faster through certain life events - sure, that's only human, but ultimately it boils down to either the slowing or extension of time that we crave.

On the flip side, I think for some people it can be a fantastic marker of their mental state. If someone just wants their time to end - it's obviously a sign that they need some help, but if someone is just not looking towards the future, then that's no good at all. A certain passion for things to come, as well as what one is going in the present towards that goal is a pretty key trait in a motivated and inspired individual. The problem with creative individuals is that there are bound to be dips and peaks, at least when you are starting out and trying to find your rhythm and your audience. So how does one tell when it's just another ol' dip before a peak or when it is a serious dip that could be a signal as to some deeper trouble.

It's hard, and perhaps that's why so many creative people in the past have made the unfortunate decision to end their lives. I don't mean to get real dark and depressed right here - just acknowledging and trying to make sense of this weird phenomenon.

Hoping you are well - truly.