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The Makings of an Attractive

08 / 08 / 2016

The whole concept of what is attractive to different people and what isn't, is so broad that you could do your PHD on it I'm sure. Or write a 15,000-word essay. Either way - you get my point that it is a jumbo topic. So big, vast and convoluted that I would be here for a while if I wanted to get out all my thoughts on the notion. So instead I wanted to flesh out a few phrases that I have heard people say makes individuals radiate from within. Admittedly they were said by actors in interviews sometime ago, in response to a question along those lines, and I only flicked back in my journal the other day to see it. So long story short I want to share them here.

Strength of Character

So personally I interpret this as an individual having their moral framework and all the decisions they make relating and linking back to this without fail. It might make them do things they are slightly uncomfortable doing, like helping someone on the street when they really just want to get home to their family. But neither the less they do it because their magnetic field pulls them in that direction, making them feel like they should and it's the "right" thing to do.

This phrase also makes me think of certain people with ridiculously groovy aesthetics, rocking "them" each and every day, not being overly concerned with the outside world and their thoughts/judgments - because at the end of the day, they are happy within themselves. Obviously, I think the most obvious manifestation of this is a person's style - what they wear and the way they carry themselves in that get up. While I think this is the first thing most people think of when discussing the whole "confidence in themselves" issue, it's not the only representation of it. There are many things that can emerge once you get to know someone, or get to be in their company for an extended period of time - that can suggest the whole "self-confidence" notion. Especially the idea that their body is a safe place to be. A good place.

Personally, I think that is the most attractive quality of all. Because if you get the vibe that someone's body is good place to be, not because of how it looks or how smooth the surface is, but because of the confidence that radiates from within - then surely you would want to get close to that body, and hang out with it. Food (of the vegan variety) for thought I guess.

Elegance of Mind

This idea moves onto the control centre of the body - our noggin. While I think that there are many wonderful and attractive things that can be conveyed without a single piece of intelligence said by the ol' brain, for me - when it opens up and starts to talk, is when a whole other layer of beauty comes into being. For me, this phrase hints at an individual being articulate. I have never seen myself as articulate so I think that it makes the notion even more magnificent... almost like a forbidden fruit that I've been trying to reach up and obtain for many years. Not that it's forbidden, just that I don't ever see myself encompassing the whole "articulate" notion, as part of "me". Okay...not sure what I'm trying to say there - moving on.

How many times have you seen or heard something expressed so beautifully that you immediately identify with it, want to write it down - make a poster out of it and re-tell it to everyone you meet. You know exactly what it trying to be conveyed because the language used makes you click with a moment in your past when you felt the same, or when you saw someone else experience this phenomenon so clearly it's plastered on your brain for all eternity.

Don't laugh, but generally, my "crushes" are people that are ridiculously articulate, British and take a while to think of the right word - but always get it in the end and it's utterly worth the wait. Not to name names but Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie *cough *cough *cough.

Having that ability to purely express one's self is so magical because it has the ability to focus a room of people, bring them on your side and see things through your lens. It's that connection through words that (at least to me) is something I find ridiculously attractive.

Side Note: when I talk about attractiveness in the sense of the context above - I am simply referring to when someone has an aura that you want to be around. Not just sexual attraction people.

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