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Taste-bud Changes

07 / 04 / 2016

You must be somewhat interested in veganism if you are here, so I am going to jump on that today with a bit of spiel. A vegan spiel.

Essentially I am someone very stuck in my ways. I am driven by things that will improve my lifestyle but even then I need something to be attractive, cool or groovy to drawn me in. It's hard to admit, but that's me some of the time. So when I went vegan, it was initially for health reasons. It has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest human diet, preventing cancers in the body and many other non-communicable diseases. The bright, clean, crisp portrayal of it on social media drew me in, and it was only then that I began learning about the environmental benefits and once bizarre notion that the animals on this planet are not ours for the consuming. That animals have feelings too, are far smarter then we ever gave credit too, and most importantly, we have the choice to not contribute to all the suffering that occurs (mostly) hidden from the public eye.

But even once I had all this knowledge under my belt, my transition was a slow one. Like, quite slow. I did not have anyone holding me accountable, and there were plenty of instances where I was a hinderance and a burden rather then a help. Yet I knew I wanted to do this so I slowly made more and more progress and eventually got there. I guess part of it was that I struggle with being a beginner so I was especially mad when I didn't double check the label or when I failed to confirm with the waiter that the 'presumed-vegan-dish' was actually vegan. However (arriving at the topic of discussion), the most uncomfortable transition side-effect I noticed was the changing in tastes I had to learn. I missed the cheese on pizza, pasta, and found vegetables perhaps more unpleasant then I thought I would. It took a while for it to feel 'normal' and not feel like an obscure way of eating that I was being alienated for.

If you are thinking about turning vegan, or wanting to up your vegetable palatability, then have patience. Once you conquer this, you'll find that you are far more patient with many other new foods (all plant origin of course) that you are introduced to you. Since being vegan I have utterly and completely come around to being a tahini, coconut aminos, and nutritional yeast fan. Not all together just clarifying. You learn to love things a whole lot more easily if you approach them with an open mind, and deep down want to love them. You'll be willing to give them a second try and soon they will feel the norm. I promise.

It's easy when there are a plethora of vegan substitutes out there, but let's be real, they are expensive and don't make you feel a million dollars to have on the reg, so in those other times when you are making yourself this and that, make sure your attitude is set. I know it sounds difficult at first, but before long it will be the most normal thing.