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Sustaining Motivation

03 / 06 / 2016

It's easy to say never loose sight of your dreams. It's also easy to feel like you never will - well initially after you've identified what that big dream is of course. Maybe through attending a inspirational speaker talk, hanging out with friends, taking part in an online summit filled with like-minded individuals or just having a productive day - it may seem like the spark will never go out, but to risk seeming like the major party pooper right now, it inevitably will at some point or another. Inspiration is one big weird-wacky thing that I tried to write a book about, and hopefully, at some point will edit and publish it too, but it's a concept feels permanent whichever state it's in. This constant flux is convincing either way. When it's here we think it will stay forever, and on the flip side, when it's gone we wonder if we can ever find it again. The truth is that sustaining goals is hard for the most of us.

We see a select handful of individuals that seem to be bullet proof in the loosing-inspiration department. They have big teams around them and rather impressive deadlines that seem to always be met. New cookbooks with a never ending stream of recipes coming out of their ears...hello - Deliciously Ella, daily vlogs that require 5-7 hours of editing every day....hello - Casey Neistat, and many more entrepreneurs of sorts, seem to just have found the perfect balance and rhythm in their routine. Sustaining the impossible is clearly possibly for them because they do it all the time. Or is it? These two examples are not perfect and they express this on their Instagram accounts or YouTube videos. They are transparent and honest about the unrelenting work they do and how there are bad days as well as good.

So these people struggle with the same phenomenon, the rest of us aren't alone, but don't think we're all in the same boat - because they still keep up the momentum and meet their deadlines without fail. So what does this prove? Well, that it can be done. While the bumpy-humpy ride of motivation and sustaining consistency seems difficult at times, there are absolutely ways to push through. It is from the times when situations are stressful and tough that our best work usually arises to the surface, and we prove ourselves wrong. It's a difficult battle with the expectations that we put on ourselves and that of other people - but just as those who we put on pedestals can do it, so can we.

My latest attitude in the department of "keeping-going" is that you should just get on with it and stop complaining. That it's not that hard when you zoom out, and that it's a privilege to be able to do what you like doing, so stop stressing and just stick your head in the ground and get it done. It's the whole tough-love thing, and it's working. I am posting my thoughts regularly here (hopefully every day) and more and more videos on my channel are being uploaded. It's working and I'm liking what I'm doing a whole lot more. Why? because I am seriously committing, and that feels good!