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16 / 07 / 2016

Even though buying things is pretty expensive (at least where I live and because I am on a zilch budget), we all seem to have no problem at easily acquiring stuff. There is the stuff we buy that soon diminishes in novelty value, and there is everything that we somehow just seem to acquire. As someone who loves to be able to have empty kitchen benches and organised desks, I have realised that this sort of stuff can come from the following different sources (although feel free to continue the list yourself).

Stuff is a real source of stress for a lot of people, including myself. Well, not exactly stress - but just anxiety. Not full blown anxiety, but let's just say I'm sure it removes me from the state of calm I just so happened to achieve a moment ago.

When I was young, like primary school young I had a notoriously messy room. Now this was just the level of messy that is relative for me. Thinking about it, it just came down to one problem - the clothes on the floor situation. I would have a big dumping ground in one corner of my room and then as the week progressed it would significantly enlarge like a metastasizing tumour. Okay not that bad, but the way my mum used to tell me off over it, made it feel like it was a big deal. At the end of the week I would sort, fold and pack away the pile and then as little as the next morning or evening, the cycle would start again.

Fast forward a couple of years and that all changed. I somehow switched into the organised and pronto individual I am today. Don't ask me to recount the transition because it just seemed to happen. Everything just went poof - and I was a little different for it.

Now I don't really know where I'm going with this, I've sort of touched on the messages of how when humans are left to their own devices they find it far too easy to accumulate and destroy!! I've also touched on how it's much easier to change as a kid, and that as a parent you should probably chill till about age 15 because any drastic change in behaviour is totally possible before then.

Anyhoos I'll wrap it up here because I don't how else to do so.

But one last thing, try to stop acquiring and instead go straight to the source. Dig out things you already have and let them bring a smile to your face rather than relying on new things. The world could do with a bit of that.