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Stripping Back

13 / 01 / 2016

A lot of my time recently has been spent tidying, discarding and selling many of my possessions that I do not use and that do not give me joy. In the past (as in while I was at school), I would give my room one "major" sort through every summer. It made me feel organised and refreshed for the new year. However it has only really become clear now, how I was merely scratching at the surface, rather then reaching ALL parts.

So my room is now quite tidy (or ridiculously tidy, I'm not sure), and contains a lot of white bare wall (which I'm not very used too) and bags of clothes to sell at an upcoming market with a friend. It feels really good, although I'm beginning to feel as if I don't really want barely any possessions at all. By this I mean that apart from clothes and the objects I use everyday (laptop and journal etc. etc.), everything else appears to be a burden when I look at it. There's no light feeling, it's just further weight. While this burden seems like a pathetic (1st world) problem to have, it's teaching me many things.

Firstly, I am clearly changing the mindset of past (moderately) consumerist me. I just want to have less and less, which is contrary the socially (trying to be accepted) awkward girl I was in middle school. I'm gravitating towards a more minimalist lifestyle, and while living at home may not allow me to fully live out that desire, I know that it will shape my life into the future. Which is exciting.

Secondly, how I see and view possessions has very much evolved. Not only is it clear through my writing that I often see them as extra fluff, but I now value what I do like in my life, 100% more. The clothes that scream comfort, yet style at the same time I fully appreciate, while the books that I have (on veganism and self development) are some of my most prized possessions. I'm also thankful for the "tools" that allow me to complete videos for YouTube (like my laptop and camera), yet I do not have any attachment to them that I would say is unhealthy. I see them as objects and aids in creative processes and to that I am grateful, but not reliant. After all, there are bigger problems in the world. Let's all get some perspective.

Lastly, when your room is completely sorted (and I mean to a tee) the haze surrounding your life begins to clear. Your direction and desires make themselves known, and many things that you might have been putting off due to fear of failure (aka the good old friend procrastination) are attempted.

I really do like the feeling of just finishing a big tidy up. It's so satisfying and inspiring. However I know that after the stripping back segment, bigger and better things can come - so I should be equally excited for that too. Let's get stuck into some projects!!