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Starting New Things

11 / 07 / 2016

I started journaling again the other day. I wrote down an approximate date (because I’m always all over the show with that ol’ thing) and then tried to capture my feelings, thoughts and conundrums in that moment. I wasn’t feeling the best – filled with worry about the future that I hadn’t felt hit me in a while, and with the overwhelming sense of freedom that for some reason wasn’t a positive thing at that time & place. I was three days out with the date and when I flicked to the page before, after writing my entry, I realised it had been a whole three months since pen came down on these pieces of paper. That shocked me, ‘had it really been three months?’. ‘March? March was the last time I was here? Now that’s weird’. Considering that it had been three months since I last wrote down some random stuff meant that it had been three months of continually (unsuccessfully) telling myself to go sit down and write. Then when I was writing all those things I thought to myself, well this happened so spontaneously, so off the bat, that I could have just as easily not written today as had written.

Think about that; just as easily done something, as I could have not have done it.

What does that even mean? Well, I guess it just hints at how easily we build things up in our minds to be bigger than they actually are – and because of that we put them off and off until a certain level of motivation and an alignment of circumstances and situations makes us go and do that very thing.

It’s weird to think that we continually put off things that are so easy-to-do and amount to such wonderful consequences. Positive outcomes that well and truly are worth their means. We don’t do these things because of time, commitments, established routines and cycles. Because we like things “just as they are” and don’t see any reason to change what “is”. Well here is a news flash – perhaps the saying “no pain, no gain” is scaring everyone away from changing their diets and lifestyles to be ten fold better for them than they currently are. While change is scary sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. I know that to make it compulsory for people to have certain lifestyles is where you start to get a totalitarian society filled with dictatorship and little freedoms, but there is also just the powerful phenomenon of making things the ‘norm’. That’s a pretty cool thing that I believe is happening at a rather slow snail pace, but is happening none the less.

The thing is that we all have the ability to know what is good for us but we rarely do what is good for us. Why, why, why?? I’m not saying I'm an exception – I am absolutely part of the procrastinating group sometimes and no I haven’t adopted every recommended lifestyle over-hall behaviour, even if sometimes I wish I had. I’m not perfect, but I do see the positives when changes are made and somewhat enforced. So I guess I’m saying embrace that smidgen of tough love until you get it together and form a habit. It will be worth it.