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Sleep - a drug

08 / 02 / 2016

I'm very much a person who is protective of the things they 'need'. Even as a dorky pre-teen kid I've been my very own advocate for things that were a necessity. If the teacher was handing out information that I missed out on, I would definitely not sit there in silence and if I was at risk of not having a adequate nights sleep, then I would speak up about that too. This trait was probably one of the primary causes of why people thought I was a bit of a weirdo in school. A nerd, a teachers pet and a party pooper. I didn't really mind these labels because deep down I knew that wanting 10 hours of sleep wasn't that much of a crime. That by the time it became an issue it wouldn't matter because I'd be unconscious - or at least pretend to be. I think sleep for me was an escape that I used to full advantage. I could slip away from social interaction and anxiety and just lay their and try to relax. The sooner I got my head on the pillow at sleep overs the better. This meant that next day would come faster, the day where I was going home, so I would enjoy it ten times more. It sounds sad and pathetic, but that's just reality.

Sleep has become something a bit different for me now. While I still like its relaxing qualities, I do not have that desire to escape reality. Rather I enjoy the opportunity to shut-off. To go into a imagined world and dream up new ideas. My sleep routine is pretty specific now a days too. I have my routines and bedtime which result in little time to sleep in. This is okay, but upon the rare occasion that I have slept in, it has made me realise that sleep can actually be a negative thing if you have to much of it. It becomes a drug.

I never really understood how this could be when I heard doctors say that people suffering from depression often sleep 'too much'. I often thought of sleep as the thing to make any low points just melt away. However, upon one morning when I slept in, dozing in and out and out and in or consciousness I realised what was being said. I was in just a weird state that I could have continued to dip in and out of being away for what seemed like forever. I was not 'waking up' at all, and ultimately it was really only my nagging brain telling me to 'GET UP' at the bright day light outside my window that did the trick.

People who enter this state daily, with no real effort taken to snap out of it, (I believe) aren't making the most of their time here. We only get one life, and while sleep is one of life's natural pleasures, we humans have a natural state of being awake, and absorbing everything we live through. Sleep is good, but life it better and there is so much to live for and to live through.

Get the sleep you need, but then get up with enthusiasm because there is a life ahead of you. Get living, ox