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Sirius Harry Potter Cravings

29 / 08 / 2016

Once again, I'm breaking the usual ramblings on this space for a very specific nostalgic love note, to the Harry Potter Series. The Last couple of days I've craved the books, the films, the studio tour and the Orlando theme park a lot. After watching the Order of the Pheonix on the weekend, and crying at every single lovely moment - it's set something off inside me. I don't know if I will have to go back and read all the books again to quash it, or if that will simply just fan the flame - but either way, I am missing it terribly at the moment. So much so, that every lunch break, I've been watching 'The Making of's' and just wishing I could evaporate into that world or have the series only coming out now - so in some way, there is new content and new mysteries to be experienced.

The thing about HP is that the books and the films came out as I grew up, which was probably the key component of it all. It was one of those bookends I distinctly remember, even though I only properly became aware of it at age 4-5.

There are just so many remarkable things about the film series that are partly what make it so great. Firstly, while there were little nit-picks here and there on the film's release, overall - most fans absolutely love them. There's not real controversy about how some things were portrayed, because as they moved through the series, the more honest they became to Harry's story. Secondly - isn't is awesome how there were no "massive dramas" following the main actors and actresses throughout the making of it. They are actually rather sheltered and humble normal people, who just had a particular upbringing, consisting of six months off and then back to Leavesden studios to start another film. Also, it's so nice that everyone involved in the production of the films genuinely believed in it and are still fans when asked about it today. I can think of plenty of other, namely Hollywood productions (cough, cough, Twilight) where by the end the actors involved are somewhat over it themselves and it's almost like the combination of the screaming fans, spurred on by the sex symbol icon they have been made into - drives them to be thankful when the whole series is done and dusted. Happy to be wrong (or should I say 'Ron', no pun intended) about that one - just some thoughts. But it deffinetely does feel a little odd as a fan of something, when the creatives who put it together, aren't seeing what it's all cracked up to be. It puts you off.

Anyway so here are my plans, I am going to work my way through the films in chunks, because hello? they are nearly 3 hours long and I ain't got that chunk of time lying around. Then I'll go back and re-read the first book, because hello? classic. And THEN, I'll look at my bank-account and see if London is on the table to fan-girl all over Leavesden Studios. We'll see.

In the meantime though, all my work will be completed to this playlist...