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Reminders That Work

29 / 03 / 2016

I have never before in my life been so infatuated with the idea of motivation and inspiration being the thing that keeps you going. The thing that Keep you plotting away at those short term goals in order to achieve the long-term ones. It is something I talk about all the time on here, and with friends in real life, letters and email. It seems to constantly come up, as something that I am only coming to understand now, realising what it's actually all about. Clearly one of the reasons that I mull over it's meaning is because it's not all that obvious. It seems to be, yet then fizzles into just a short-term burst. That is, it never seems to sustain itself for more then a few days if I'm lucky.

There is a certain strange quality to all of this, because in the past I've simply done things because I had too. Everything was because I had too, then those extra sessions of creativity came out of a frustration of not having enough time for them to be a regular thing. I would sit and make cards, spend an afternoon baking or go and practice braiding my hair because I just needed too in order to stay sane. Now it's almost the opposite. I almost regret writing that line because it might sound like I have nothing to do. Which couldn't be further from the truth. I am loving the decision I have made this year - but the reality lies at it being such a reverse of what I have ever known. Sorry for simply repeating myself again, sometimes I feel as if all this blog is about is different ways of saying the previous sentence.

So back to the notion of inspiration/motivation.

I have been very observant of those instances when I get that buzzing high from interactions or experiences. However when I hit a low after these pass (somewhat predictably) I am left craving something that will last a little longer. That perhaps I can revisit, rather then an experience you have to create, plan and execute etc. So the other day I watched this in the form of a video by Lauren Toyota. I think Lauren has the best Youtube deal going on in the content creator space. I mean, the fact that she trusts in the process and doesn't read others recipes books or watch other channels, shows how authentic she is about what she does. Anyway her video pretty much just reminded me about why I started a Youtube channel and why I enjoy it (something I often forget).

It's so often that I don't look inward when following my path, I simply look at what others are doing and crave that instead. I have to find what my deal is, and through that I must not be afraid to just sway from what's been done.

I have come back to that video many times to receive a talking to I guess. To snap myself back to reality, put my head down and get back to living, rather then letting those voices question every aspect of my past, present and future.