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Relationships = LIFE

13 / 01 / 2016

I recently bought a one year subscription to FMTV which is a platform with many health documentaries, interviews, speeches, recipes and exercise videos (aka a 'health' focused Netflix). I can see myself learning a lot, if what I have already taken from the two documentaries I've seen is any indication. A recurring theme, when talking about health that has really tapped me on the shoulder and got me thinking, is that relationships dictate the quality of life. In fact in order to create the life one desires, they really only have to look at their relationships and work on them.

We all know that social connections and relations are important. Having individuals who accept you for who you are, as well as perhaps an intimate other, and supportive family are going to do wonders for one's health (including mental and physical health), however this is not the only form of relationship I am referring too.

Let's zoom out for a minute. EVERY minute of EVERY day is influenced by a relationship. For example, when our alarm goes off and we turn it off, do we groan and resist pulling off the covers, or do we just get out of bed (even if we are tired), knowing the day will bring greater things. Then there is the relationship with our body that is influenced when we get dressed, when we perhaps put make-up on, if and how we exercise. There is the relationship with food, that ultimately forms a base line for whether we choose to feed it nourishing produce, or artificial experiments. The way we interact with materialistic objects also affects our level of gratitude and self-awareness. It all links to deeper problems or heightened happiness depending on the quality of these relationships.

If these links are too strong and reluctant to move on and develop, then we a placed in a position of predictable rotation. Nothing becoming spontaneous and exciting, rather mundane and uninspiring. Links to tradition need to be free and flexible, while positive social relationships need to be strong and resilient. This complexity adds to the difficulty in finding the balance of life, yet when we understand it - the key to such possibilities is found.

This notion can help compartmentalize the reality of well being and brake it down into sizable chunks. When you notice negativity in your life, identify the area that it immediately effects and then consequently damages. Even just this realisation can work wonders.