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Rainy Productive Days

10 / 03 / 2016

I love the cold and wet for one core reason. That is, you have permission to stay indoors and putt-putt away on projects and such without feeling so inclined to go enjoy the sunshine. Don't get me wrong, some gorgeous rays make me smile, but when it's a super sunny 30C day it is rather difficult to get back to work at mid-day. It's just not indoor weather. I've realised that the times of day that are really magical for me personally are the morning and evening. Whenever it's a little dark out or just gloomy as the day ends, I love the flood of inspiration and motivation I get as I let a soft yellow lamp fill my space. So on rainy days, when it's overcast and the sun doesn't come out to say hi, then this dull light occurs all day and your left with one productive opportunity.

During school I would always get frustrated if the certain day I happened to get sick was filled with sunny beautiful weather. I didn't feel like I was given the 'all-clear' to have a day-off. That I had to be out and about and doing things. It wasn't snoozing weather, nor movie watching weather as (for a practical consideration) you can't actually see the screen as well when there's sunlight coming through the windows. In short I wanted the weather to reflect my mood. If I was snotty, sick and unwell then I wanted the weather to be drizzly and dull - yet it rarely happened this way.

So now when a day of productivity and a dull drizzle do collide I get very excited. Today is one of those days. I'll be editing videos, filming, reading, tutoring, cooking and saying I love you to every one I speak to (haha well not the boy I tutor.... that would be odd). This weather puts me in such a good mood. I feel free and justified in my actions. Like there is no judgment, just pure relaxed doing. Even better, when you do decide to do something (aka go outside or run errands) it feels like one awesome adventure. From driving in the rain, walking your dog or catching public transport with a bunch of other umbrella-filled people, you notice more of it and are forced back to the present. There is also the factor that where I live has regular dry periods and throughout all my childhood we were in a drought, hence rain was special. Yet either way, no matter where you live, rain IS special. It doesn't always happen, it's not the normal state of affairs, so get excited about it.

I can't wait for today and I might sound wacky in saying so, but so be it!