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Liking foods because they are good for us

02 / 03 / 2016

There are a lot of "in" foods at the moment as I am sure you are aware. From coconut water to chia seeds, and vegan cereal bowls to acai, there are so many foods that if you have a "foodie" Instagram feed like mine, then you are constantly exposed to. And with exposure, comes the tingling peer pressure to try out these things, and indeed like the taste of them. It's all about being "in" on the trend, and while we can't help what our tastes buds prefer (well actually keep reading), we feel pressured to eat a certain way or eliminate certain foods.

However, while I am generally against this sort of "peer pressure", I have realised that it has always encouraged me to try new food combinations, that I can now proudly call favourites. I'm talking about sauerkraut, sweet potato fries with tahini and coconut aminos, spirulina (in small amounts) and coconut water. If I take the part of the eating process that thinks about how certain foods make me feel, then it's not a hard choice. However, our taste buds are powerful little manipulators that can rule our intensions if we are not careful.

There is a particular part in the documentary 'Vegecated', when the three 'meat eaters-turned vegan eaters' (??) are struggling adjusting to eating such healthy foods, far from their traditional fast food fare/Standard American Diet. Their doctor at the time, who overseas their dietary change and helps educate them, Joel Fuhrman, stresses the point that it is important to overpower the desire to eat a certain way and simply to eat more and more of leafy greens/plant foods. They do this and so do many other individuals in vegan documentaries, and they soon discover that they LOVE them. Their palette changes and they are able to find simple plant foods absolutely satisfying as a snack, drink and meal. It is this phenomenon that I am talking about.

I found coconut water to be the "in thing" everywhere I looked, and being the curious cookery creature that I am, I new I had to try some. So I did. Initially I was disappointed, as in the back of my mind I new I wasn't the biggest coconut lover in the world and with this new found 'electrolyte rich' drink still not turning me around, I was annoyed. However I soon realised that the watermelon and coconut water combination was amazing and through this I started to realise that it offered a new level of hydration. I felt amazing after it's consumption, much better then I did when I solely consumed water after yoga or a barre class. So then I returned to normal coconut water, because the purest version is always best for your bod, and with a new found mindset and changed taste buds in my gob, it was totally different. I now love it - or at least love how it makes me feel so therefore I love it!!

This may sound a bit 'force feeding' of your own body, but I truely believe that it is something that a lot of us may need to adopt when weaning out of this modern-day ageing way of eating. You can truly learn to enjoy things that put you off and not make it a chore in the process. It can be ridiculously fun, discovering a world of healthier and more delicious food.

I hope you adopt the manta, mind over matter (as in food matter) and give your taste buds a chance to catch up with your big ol' brains new way of thinking.