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My 2016 subjects

22 / 01 / 2016

While i'm not studying at any institution this year or have booked in any particular course, there is no question that I might learn the most i've ever learnt this year, compared to others. It's a time for me to just 'do me', and learn what I want to learn about and grow in ways that school didn't allow me too. It's rather terrifyingly different to how my past 12 years have gone, but beyond exciting to be absorbing what I am ridiculously passionate about.

The more times I've had to explain what I am doing this year, the clearer it has been how I am pretty much doing my own self directed subjects. Apart from the whole interpersonal growth thing, it really has resulted in pretty categorisable (is that a word?) areas of interests that I'll be pursuing. Now that I've put a label to them, it feels rather odd realising how different (some of) these subjects are to those I have been interested in throughout my life, and those I chose to take in school. I've really changed SO much in tastes over the last year, it's crazy to think where I'll be in just another years time.

While I'll mention the subjects now, I know that with new fascinations and interests these will evolve and change, and more will be added to the list in due time. This post is from a fragment in time, and is not constantly changing with me, so if you read this down the line and it appears short or different to what I'm actually interested in or ridiculously arrogantly privileged, just know that I'm writing out of passion at 5:30 am, and am showing a slice of me at this particular time.

Okay, so the electives are...

And that's it!! This doesn't mean it's all that I am doing. I have made a YouTube video about my 2016 plans which you can check out - it has a more general overview and doesn't mention these topics, as this has been a rather recent realisation.

I'm excited for all the juicy goodness that's about to flow into my noggin' haha.