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More nature please

20 / 02 / 2016

I've talked about this before in this space, but seriously the best remedy for EVERYTHING is very much... nature. It just works every time. Got an early morning sniffle? Go out in nature. Feeling uninspired? Get your bootie in nature girl. Have cabin fever? Nature is what you need. Feeling irritated and angry at the world? You guessed it, nature's your pal.

People have cured their eating disorders as well as depression through prescribing themselves regular dosages of nature. Whether you live in a highly built up city, or in the middle of absolutely nowhere, you can usually find some greenery and sky to gaze up at that will do the trick. I personally just need the fresh air and I'm good. But of course a nice mountain to look at, or some gentle waves washing in, sure also adds to the wow factor. I am someone who usually takes a while to realise what is good for me, and get around to acting upon things that my unconscious mind has been aching to do for a really long time. For example, I only just finally bought a week long subscription to a yoga studio to try out their classes yesterday, and having enjoyed a class this morning - was left asking myself, why the heck did I leave this until now? But the most important thing is I decided to act by myself and only by myself, and because of that, it's a very strong change that is here to stay. I might have taken a while to grown my roots, but now they are as strong as those attached to an oak tree. Deep and stable, while continually growing deeper and deeper into the ground. My point here is that just like my journey to committing to visiting a yoga class, I have realised that a daily immersion in nature is absolutely crucial and beneficial for my bod. For a long time there was this nagging guilt that I needed to do something about it, and I did maybe every now and then, but when you commit and make it a habit - whilst very much enjoying it, your decision to act is routed in your future decisions.

I am now looking to not only seek regular vitamin D and salty water, but to also bring it inside as much as possible. I have had many succulents sitting on my window sill for a long time before coming to the realisation of what stays alive and what doesn't thrive in an indoor environment. I've concluded that 'mother in-law tongues' are pretty amazing, and apart from growing at a slow and steady rate, hardly change at all, allowing you to question sometimes whether they are actually real or not. They appear like a plastic plant yet are really not. Anyhoos, as well as this I am about to purchase a himalayan salt lamp which to my excitement has many healing properties and air purifying benefits that come with it. All this excites me very much and I cannot wait to build an indoor environment (in conjunction with regular outdoor-vitamin D-soaking) that is fresh, calm and centred. Throughout all of last year during year 12, and especially during the winter months I kept onion halves in my room to suck out germs and bacteria lurking around. Whether it's an old wives tale or not - it's a goodie and really does work.

I hope you are getting plenty of sunshine wherever you are, even if it's only reading a book inside while you look at the rail as it falls against the window.