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Mindful 3: March 2016

09 / 03 / 2016

It's march already. Goody-goodness!! These weeks fly by. I think I might have a wee fear of how quickly that happens and not squeezing out the most of every day to the max... but what's the point of that right? It's all experience and living which is a pretty miraculous thing none-the-less.

I am very much back into reading now which has made me very happy. I sort of fell out of the loop with it for a while because I simply didn't prioritise it, but know that I know where and when I like to do the wonderful activity - it's fitting into my day just fine. I even popped to the library this morning and borrowed three books. A small smidgen of me believes that those books are the only one's I could possibly be interested in from there because their health section is filled with 'low-carb' diet books and their self development book section is really out of date and sparse. But not to worry because it was a fun thing to do none-the-less. I was even part of three eager Au Pair and young children couples waiting outside before it opened, who raced down to the children's section at 10 sharp. Very sweet. I borrowed the Skinny bitch cookbook, The happiness project and Lonely Planet's Berlin. They all kind of speak for my different interests. Vegan cooking, self development and travel to Germany. Then I headed off to possibly the hardest Barre class ever. But enough about me sweating out my pores like a river, onto this month's mindful three.