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Mindful 3: February 2016

12 / 02 / 2016

February is a bit of a wacky month, is it not? I feel like the whole working world has their heads down, either starting a new year or mid way through one. Students are mostly back at school and the celebrations and goals of a month ago, have become a distant memory. Things are taking over, and everything starts to speed up. So if you are reading this, let it act as a reminder to take in every single moment. I myself have really noticed a difference in how the days and weeks have flown by lately. It's somewhat scary when you dwell on it, but there is no point in doing that because your actions in the present are what matter. My yoga practice is slowly picking up it's pace again which is nice, stretching can be so good for the soul. Plus it draws you to the present and allows you to slow down for a mini. Without further ado, here are February's mindful three...