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Mindful 3: December 2015

20 / 12 / 2015

I know mindfulness is kind of ‘the thing’ at the moment and all, but I’m real keen on it. Even if my first introduction to it was at school with a bunch of students and a teacher who would rather be elsewhere doing anything but. I think we just need to make it really simple, and perhaps not make it a ‘practice’ that people have to commit to upon first hearing about it. Rather an awareness cultivated to further our gratitude and understanding about happiness. I’m talking about little things that occur in day-to-day life that often go unnoticed, yet are actually the stuff of paradise and hence I think we should all get really excited about them.

Since unlocking this added awareness in my daily life, a deeper fascination and gratitude for daily life was unlocked and a wonderful thing occurred. I found that I was smiling and appreciation so much more. I was realising that happiness wasn’t necessarily something that found me, rather I had to find it. I found that there is an awful lot to be happy about, and perhaps that was we call happiness is not so much like a big chocolate cake on our birthday happening only on occasion, but rather a green smoothie for breakfast that serves us daily.

I thought that a monthly column on HBOT could be a ‘Mindful 3’ where I mention three things that have made me smile recently and hence might make you do the same. Hopefully it can help unlock your awareness and bring small moments of delight to your daily routine.

Okay, so here are December 2015’s Mindful 3.