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Mindful 3: April 2016

04 / 04 / 2016

Mindfulness has been a topic on my mind a lot lately because I've decided to write a book about living a motivated and inspired life. But I'll probably make a proper post about that, so no more discussion. Only that it looks at, and offers advice about sustaining that higher level of living that we encounter maybe one a day, once a week or monthly, if we are truly unhappy with our current situation. Anyhoos, being mindful is a part of the practice to sustain this inspiration and zeal for life, so I've been thinking about it often. With the changing of seasons at the moment, there are many things to admire and be thankful for. As there are bright spring blooms in the northern hemisphere, and rich reds and yellows in the southern. But to me those are a given, so I've steered away from weather related "mindful 3's" which I tell you, has been a struggle. So I hope that as well as not letting the changing seasons fly by without any notice, you are also mindful of these three things on the reg'.