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25 / 07 / 2016

The other day it clicked that I have manifested "things" into my life from an early age. When growing up and being surrounded by friends who has the latest and greatest toys, stationery, video games, clothes or skateboards - and not yet realising the beauty of restraint and being content with what you already have, there was definitely a period where I was always nagging my parents for something. Aka - stuff.

Whenever I really wanted something at a young age it became my occupation. Looking back, the amount of free time I had, yet free-time in a positive sense, not the "what's my purpose?", "who am I?" free time that I talk about experiencing today, meant that I could have run for Prime Minister/President if I wanted to. Well not really, I always seemed to be on the go and at that time (primary school), I did plenty of extracurricular activities, but I also didn't have to do the adult-y things I do now like run errands, vacuum the floors, make dinner etc. So in other words, I had a lot of time for nagging. I would say I became rather good at it because I did end up breaking one 'rental at a time and getting those things. Now you are probably wondering what they are. Well, some are utterly embarrassing - but we all go through growing up and as long as you promise to not let these things define me, then I'm happy to share.

  1. Harvey, our dog. This was when I was in grade two. Ever since starting school my best friend Nicole and I used to hang out pretty much each afternoon at her house that I didn't have choir or piano practice. She had two dogs and so did may of the other friends I hung out with. In other words, it was a constant reminder of what I wanted. I become dog obsessed and started the long plea with M & D. I would brainstorm dog names and read up on the different breeds (well as much as an 8-year-old can do). I was the proudest kid in the school when I brought the little golden fluff ball that is now 11 for show and tell. Yep, his birthday is today (Christmas in July) and he is the one thing I am glad I so very desperately "wanted" when I was younger. No regrets.
  2. Nintendo DS. So this particular friend also had games galore at her house and we would play when Wii sometimes but mostly it would be me watching over her shoulder when she played on her DS or if I was lucky I got a go in two player mode. WOW - I know. I feel icky just thinking about this "want" because I knew in myself that playing DS wasn't me and I could see in my parents when I dragged them out to buy Mario Kart, that it was not part of my personality. But I did it anyway because I felt not a part of the crowd without it and while it did the job in the short term, I definitely regret wanting one in the long-term.
  3. Rip-Stick. Now this is a cool manifesting story. When I was on a sleep-over for a friends b-day party, I become determined to learn how to ride her new Rip-Stick she had in those 24 hours. I fell off the weird skateboard thing-ey a dozen times but in the end, I kind of got the hang of it. When devastated that I heard they were only available in the US at that time I was on a mission. Luckily my dad had a work trip to New York coming up and I put in my order. Impressed by the engineering of it all, he gave in and I was the coolest kid in Australia. Except for when six months later they turned up in every sports store in the 'hood. I guess I was on to something with wanting it so bad - but hey, it's just an example of realising that everything comes in good time. Regrets? None.
  4. Bell Mason Jars. When I first became vegan these seemed like they were everywhere. It seemed like the only cool thing you could land your smoothie in and I started seeing where they could be purchased. Safe to say that I was considering buying 12 online because according to my research that was the smallest purchase you could make of them. But with having learnt my lesson of the excitement of purchases soon wearing off or having had plenty of post-purchase distance in my time, I thought I'd just let go of that wish. Anyways, what do you know? I'm in my local supermarket last week and what is on the shelves for only $4, um you guessed it!! And through my eyes lighting up, I could feel that I still valued them, a considerable time after first fantasising about them. No regrets AT ALL :D

So while we all feel as if we really "want" some things upon laying our dreary eyes on them. In reality, manifesting this stuff can give us the answer. Without fueling purchases by desire and so-called "need" we can let the universe place what we really need in front of out faces and effortlessly and painlessly forget about the rest.