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Lull = Great Things To Come

13 / 04 / 2016

Recently, many things that I had been waiting to happen have fallen into place. I would say that I am surprised but I knew and believed that they were just around the corner, and sure enough, they were. I don't mean to paint the picture as if I am ungrateful, quite the opposite really. But I have been practicing the art of feeling what you want and pretending like it is already in your life and then graciously accepting it as it arrives.

First thing's first, I do not believe that one can wait on others to make them happy. You will not find happiness in another person, money or a great surprise where you get your house renovated on TV. It just doesn't happen. Sure it might and of course it does, but that's a wasteful approach. How many hours, days, weeks and years are you going to spend waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet, or for everyone to make your life into "something". The answer is none. Or at least no more for now. You don't need to that corny, cliche, idealism in your life because it is preventing you from living in the present and being at peace with what you already have.

Secondly, when you experience a lull in your life, aka a not too amazing time where it feels like you've got nothing going for you and everything is not in perfect harmony, that only means that something hella awesome is around the corner. Whether it's hella awesome on a gigantic scale or a small opening of opportunity, something is coming for you, so to prepare for it you should say to the universe 'come at me bro, I'm ready'. To do this, one must simply live in the present and make the most of the now. Don't hold back and take up those little opportunities that you think might eventuate in nothing at all. Then through keeping yourself in the attitude and mind set of 'it is coming', then you will start to feel that it has happened, and out of fantastic alignment it will fall into place.

When this does occur, you'll find that it doesn't seem to hit you out of the blue. You are grateful, but you don't go on a hyper-high running and squealing like a Leprechaun (nothing against Leprechauns). You simply take it in your stride and the river of life continues and the cycle may start again.

Through believing the good is around the corner and par-taking in behaviours that encourage its eventuation you are in charge of your own energy field. You attract what you put out and you are not relying on an external source to bring the highs to you so that the lows are dampened.

Think now, if you are wanting something to be dampened? If you are truly stuck in a bother about it, write down many ways and avenues out of that and keep it in a journal or notepad. "Broadened your mind and look beyond" (no Harry Potter quote intended), thinking about every possible avenue to what you desire. Then take every opportunity as they come to help that eventuate, give it a helping hand so to speak. Then start feeling that it has come into your life, and of course you know what happens next. Just remember the universe and the present do not make things go faster or slower, they just happen as they come. So don't get caught up with clock time, just keep feeling that it has arrived and stop asking questions. Good luck.