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Love Languages

17 / 05 / 2016

There are often concepts that I get my head around rather late in life (or so it seems). Such as star signs, moon signs and love languages. I'm a bit of a psychology fan and love finding out what individuals needs are and what they crave once all the fuss and excess paraphernalia is stripped away. In the end I think it's what we all crave, that is to know each other on a needs, desires, passions and curiosities level. But we often find ourselves dancing on the surface during conversations, never etching below the surface. But would it be that weird if upon meeting someone we straight away asked them what their top two love languages were? Then we could straight away identify what makes them feel warm and fuzzy and therefore act accordingly when we want to show them some love and attention. I think not, but then again it truely depends on the person I suppose. Some people just give off the "ask me anything" vibe, and others seem a bit too rigid. But all those friends I have known for years that I've never asked, I will be doing so. I think it's a good way to take your friendship to the next stage. In-fact it could be a nice way to start a more personal "get to know you" discussion, which I think we could all do with. After all, being vulnerable is FANTASTIC when carried out in a supportive and friendly environment with nice company.

But enough with the blabber. What are my love languages I here you intrigue. Well if you are new to this concept then I'll briefly list them now.

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

So once you've thought about them in relation to yourself then you'll usually find that two of them stick out more prominently then the others. For me it's Quality time and Physical Touch. I'm the only one in my family that has Physical Touch as one of theirs and to be honest that's kind of fascinating to me. I'm sort of proud of it in a sense, because it doesn't really run in the family and so I've stuck out in one way or another - woo!! haha. Okay moving on from my rebellious wishes. But if you still live with your family or a family of sorts then have a think about how you interact with your different traits. Something I've found it that we all try to show our love through out own love languages, but that isn't always ideal, because that might not be what you or I want. See my dad is a typical act of service kind of guy - it's almost tragically obvious. I am most definitely not, and he is most definitely not Physical Touch so on some level there is a blockage of love between us because we are caught in behaviours that the other doesn't appreciate or read as an expression of love. So since identifying these language in the people you interact with on a daily basis you can then go out of your way and act how some one else will most appreciate. The benefits of doing this are pretty immediate. There has absolutely been a lift in our home, since the sensitivity levels have sky-rocketed, realising what makes each other feel warm and fuzzy.

I find this very fascinating as you can probably read. I love understanding more about myself and other people and I think we all do on some level or another. So ask around and get personal peeps!!